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Cintropur DUO-UV

1. Filters
The spiral structure of the filter generates a centrifugal force, which, in a cyclone effect, moves larger particles
towards the bottom of the bowl. The remaining contaminants are then subject to fine filtration adaptable to particular needs, with filtering fineness ranging from 5 to 25 microns.

3. Sterilises
UVc water sterilisation to ensure the bacteria-free quality of water. Particularly well suited to the full treatment of rainwater. Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment is the most effective method of deactivating bacteria in home supplies. If your main water supply is from rainfall, bore water or spring water collected and stored in a tank (boats and caravans), then this is the best method to bring your water up to drinking standard. This particular disinfection method is known as one demolishing legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses and protozoa, while having no negative impacts on the environment. There are various possibilities of combining UV and mechanical filter.

Cintropur DUO - Filter and Sterilise all in one compact unit.

3/4” + 1” connection diameter.
2,8 kg weight
50° C max temperature
25w lamp power
Easy replaced lamp -rotating the UV by 5° to remove the UV lamp and replace it with a new one.
Replacement lamp required every 12 months



Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, water sterilization by UV radiation has developed
extensively in the recent years.
UV radiation at 253.7 nm is part of the solar radiation, and is reproduced artificially. UV radiation
thus produced is of much greater intensity than sunlight – therefore suitable for water sterilization.
This particular disinfection method is known as one demolishing legionella, microbes, bacteria,
viruses and protozoa, while having no negative impacts on the environment.
This is the ideal method to remove micro-organisms from water, and thus make it potable in
terms of bacteriology.Water treated in this way cannot be regarded as of drinking quality unless
its chemical properties are compliant to relevant standards.
a) Rainwater: UV-sterilization of rainwater will
allow for a wider range of application and
safe use.
b) Drilling water, boreholes: UV-sterilization
of well water will prevent any pathogenic
c) Tap water: UV-sterilization of tap water will
ensure premium quality water satisfying
even the highest demands.
d) Spring water, surface water: UV-sterilization
of such waters will provide constant water
quality in terms of bacteriology.
e) Water stored in tanks (in caravans, boats, etc.) :
UV-sterilization will preserve the healthiness of
water kept in tanks.
Areas of use
a) Residential baths and showers
b) Food preparation jobs
c) American refrigerators
d) Chilled water fountains
e) Aquariums
f) Rinsing food
g) Provision of livestock, e.g. chickens,
rabbits, ducks, etc., with drinking water
containing no pathogenic micro-organisms
g Easy installation and use;
g 100% physical disinfection by means of
UV sterilization;
g Natural treatment of water without
adding chemicals – thus eliminating the
risk of overdosing;
g No unpleasant tastes or odours in the
g Proven effectiveness against micro-organisms
imposing hazard on human health;
g No toxic by-products will develop;
g Reduced need for maintenance.
CINTROPUR counts off its UV
g More compact than any other UV-device;
g A built-in flow reducer guarantees optimal
g A practical maintenance chart for an
easier maintenance process;
g Each component of premium quality;
g Professional construction;
g Efficient treatment confirmed by biodosimetry
g Capacity range: 1 to 10 m³/h;
g Equipment : basic or full option available;
g Possibility of combining UV + mechanical
filter and activated carbon

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