CENTRIC DAYLIGHT Full Spectrum Flicker-Free LED (E27)

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Quick Overview

CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb

  • Available in 3000K 
  • Completely flicker-free light output 
  • Full spectrum, 95 CRI light quality 
  • Compatible with global voltage input (240V/50)
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E27 Edison socket
  • Not suitable for enclosed fixtures
  • 10 Watt power consumption
  • 800 lumens - equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Not Dimmable
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty

Waveform Lighting's CENTRIC™ line of LED bulbs provides lighting that centers around you. CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED bulbs provides light output that is free of optical flicker and a full spectrum color that approximates that of natural daylight. If you are looking for more natural daylight but are limited by geography, season or window placement, these bulbs will give you light that is both healthy and energizing. 

Flicker-free light output means that the rays of light emitted by the bulb are constant and uninterrupted, so you can rest assured knowing that the negative health effects such as headaches, fatigue and eye strain - previously associated with artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights and early LED bulbs - are eliminated. With a 4000K95 CRI rating and a high R9 of 80+, the light spectrum emitted by CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ bulbs is a full and complete spectrum that provides bright, white light that matches morning sunshine (4000K)




What is Flicker in LED Lights?
LED lights oftentimes exhibit invisible flicker - rapid fluctuations in brightness that occur many times per second. Because of its rapid speed, this "flicker" in an LED lamp may not be visible, but can have physiological and neurological effects on our bodies, such as eye strain, fatigue, headaches and difficulty in concentration. 

Even "invisible" flicker is sometimes noticeable. You may have observe moving objects create a distinct "trail" (stroboscopic effect) or vertical streaking lines when taking photos. Both are signs of a flickering light source.

Measuring and Quantifying Flicker: Percent Flicker
A flickering light source will exhibit rapid fluctuations in its brightness, and it is possible to characterize the magnitude of the fluctuation using a measure called percent flicker.Percent flicker is calculated by measuring the relative difference in brightness between the maximum and minimum brightness exhibited during a flicker cycle. A light source with 0% flicker means that its brightness does not flicker at all, while a 100% flicker value would indicate that it fluctuates between on and completely off.Incandescent bulbs exhibit approximately 15% flicker, while some LED bulbs will exhibit more than 75% flicker. Virtually all LEDs that are color changing or PWM dimmable exhibit 100% flicker. All else equal, a light source with < 5% flicker is preferable to mitigate the negative effects of flicker.

Effect of Flicker Frequency
Not all light sources exhibit the same flicker frequency, and this can affect both the perceptibility as well as severity of the flicker effect.Many LED bulbs will flicker at 100-120 Hz (2x line frequency), at which even 10% flicker can have detrimental effects. At higher frequencies, higher flicker percentages are acceptable. At higher frequencies of 1.25 kHz (1250 Hz) and higher, even sources that exhibit 100% flicker such as PWM dimming systems are acceptable and are not known to produce any detrimental effects.


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