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Quick Overview

Cellvital-Pulse Therapy (ask for price included training to [email protected])

The benefits of Cellvital Puls Therapy:

  • The therapy is administered to patients fully dressed and is pain-free
  • Just a few sessions are sufficient to see the first results
  • One Cellvital-Puls session includes over 100 muscular contractions. Moreover, a single rTPM contraction is ten times stronger than one active training session of the pelvic floor.
  • One therapeutic session lasts (in all programs) about 20 minutes and may be stopped and resumed at any time.
  • There is no need for a physician to attend the treatment – the process can be monitored by assisting personal.
  • The rTPM induced by Cellvital-Puls therapy ensure a faster recovery of motor abilities.
  • Cellvital-Puls therapy triggers a series of cortical reorganization processes as a consequence of the lifelong neuro-plastic properties our brains possess.

Cellvital Puls Application fields:

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Post-surgery and post-prostatectomy incontinence
  • Uterine prolapse / Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OAB)
  • Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Postpartum training

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How does it work?
Before therapy, patients undergo a short medical check. By using a pre-programmed card-chip the 15-20 minute treatment may be started. The Cellvital-Pulse electromagnetic technology generates strong magnetic currents that propagate upwards through the pelvic area, penetrating deep into the muscles, reaching the motor plates and activating strong muscular contractions. The full-therapeutic program is complete after just 20 treatments (2-3 per week). The benefits gained through Cellvital-Pulse can last up to 18 months. In order to continue seeing achieved positive results, it is recommended to continue therapy with two keep-up sessions on a monthly basis.

Who could benefit from Cellvital-Pulse Therapy?

This therapy is intended treatment for:

  • urinary and fecal incontinence
  • post-prostatectomy incontinence
  • pelvic pain syndrome
  • postpartum recovery (exercise before pregnancy and after child-birth)
  • erectile dysfunction (in men) and libido disorder (in women)
  • hip-pain and osteoarthritis cardiovascular disorders
  • There few side-effects of this therapy.
  • The treatment is for everyone, with the exception of: people with pacemakers or implants, epileptics and women during pregnancy. For further details, please consult our specialists.


  • This therapy does not require patients to undress
  • It is non-invasive
  • It is painless
  • It takes just a few sessions to appreciate the first results

Repetitive Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation (rTPM)
Today electrotherapy is being considered more important in rehabilitation and sports medicine, as well as an effective procedure for the treatment of incontinence. However, the application field has been limited to the peripherals of the human body; the ohmic resistance posed by bone and even skin causes significant brownout (which could only be countered by increasing the power intensity enough to cause painful stimulation of the sensory nerves.) Similarly the attempts at reaching the muscles of the pelvic-floor intrusively has proved a particularly uncomfortable method, that patients dislike. These issues can be effectively solved, thanks the magnetic-induction principle. Magnetic fields are able to move freely throughout the human body and (because of the electric field they form) cause a potential difference within the cell membrane. This mainly effects nerve cells, which are easily depolarized, thus producing electric signals generated by the muscles causing a strong muscular contraction from the concurrent reflex inability of nerves in the bladder.

Cellvital-Puls Therapy
Cellvital Pulse Therapy is a multifunction integrated therapy featuring four simple steps

  • rTPM (repetitive trans-pelvic electromagnetic stimulation)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Low-intensity PEMF stress-relieving therapy
  • rTPM
  • “the smart technology for moving electric fields”

To train either the pelvic floor or deep muscles of the region, a short and repetitive sequence of high-resistance impulses are used (up to 1 Tesla7 200-500µs). These penetrate the body without encountering any resistance or causing pain (as opposed to electricity) – an electrical field self-produces within the body, by Faraday’s law of induction. This electrical field determines the potential difference at the motor-nerve level (A fibers / myelinated fibers) and has a consequent depolarizing effect. By means of the end plates, the action potential induces contraction of the muscles under the direct control of the motor neuron.

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The technology: The principles of Repetitive Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation:
Cellvital Pulse is a high-tech therapeutic innovation that uses magnetic induction to train the pelvic, gluteal and thigh muscles, without any direct skin contact. Built on findings showing that both the central and peripheral nervous systems respond to a high-density flux electromagnetic stimulation with an action potential, the methodology of Reptitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) to treat therapy-resistant depression (Major Depressive Disorder) that has been in use since the mid 1980’s.

Repetitive Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation corresponds to the rTMS process.
Similar to the rTMS, rTPM exploits the physical principal of induction discovered by Michael Faraday (i.e. magnetic field generates electricity). The electromagnetic field this generated is able to move freely across the human body. This causes depolarization of the motor nerves which causes the pelvic muscles contract at a pace determined by the frequency. In rTMS, rapid impulses of 200-600µs -similar to that of an MRI exam with a high intensity magnetic flux (1 Tesla)- the cortex is completely stimulated, without pain, thus readapting the disrupted brain metabolism. These universal properties have made clear the importance of using the repetitive electromagnetic induction technology with other parts of the body, for example: the muscular system.

Additional Functions:
rTPM & Oxygen Therapy
Cellvital Pulse is a high-tech therapeutic innovation that uses magnetic induction to train the pelvic, gluteal and thigh muscles, without any direct skin contact.

Regardless of the possibly-occurring …biological effect of oxygen transit carried by hemoglobin in its physical dissolved form, during the inhalation phase an increase of the physically-dissolved oxygen content (1.5%) already takes place. This plays a crucial role in the oxygen therapy.

Simultaneously, the vascular endothelium produces nitrous oxide that makes the vascular muscles relax and that physically reduces the oxygen level in the immediate capillaries due to an increased endothelial turgor. In order to accelerate the tissue blood circulation by physical exertion, it is not only necessary to increase the current SpO2 through oxygen supply, but also to activate the microcirculation mechanisms.

The rTPM causes a passive contraction of …
… the major muscular groups (e.g. the gluteal and thigh’s muscles), as well as of the pelvic floor and lower back muscles, such that a remarkable enhancement of the capillary circulation takes place in these areas (picture endothelium). This reduces the endothelial swelling in the veins of the legs, determining a training effect that lasts for several days.

According to the physiological oxygen dissociation curve …
“…in a standard breathable air context, the hemoglobin content is already saturated up to 95-99% (in the elderly population this amount lowers). This only determines a marginal increase of oxygen content by means of an extra inhalation (with the exception of older people). In particular, there is no correlated evidence that the oxygen level during the short period post-inhalation would go back to the baseline values.”

The Pelvic floor: Where our strength is focused
The pelvic floor is a complex architectural structure comprised of staggered visceral ligaments bundles and muscles. It comprehends the vagina, anus, the ductus deferens, the coccyx, the pubic bone, the bladder and the uterus. The term “functional unit of the pelvic floor and of sphincter closure” comprehends a number of staggered and overlapping bands of (ligament) bundles and muscles. Their role is critical to several functions such as urination, defecation and erectile dysfunction. They also contribute to stabilizing the torso and the pelvis, as well as act as a scaffold to support the pelvic organs. They therefore take part in the inter-muscular coordination of posture, movement and breathing

Dimension187cm x 134cm x 173cm (HxBxT)
Weight 120 kg
Maximum load 135 kg
Input voltage 230V ~, 50Hz
Input Power max. 750W
Fuse 2x T6, 3A L 250V
Maximum Flux 1Tesla
Maximum QRS PEMF intensity 5V, 170mA, 40µT
Light therapy module, illumination 2x 36 Watt, 10000 Lux within 20cm distance
Oxygen output / Oxygen concentration 87 – 96% with 0.5 to 5 l/min
Medical device category Class IIa
Protection class I
Protection grade B
Encapsulation IPX0
Temperature range +13 ° C to +30 ° C
Relative humidity 30 to 75%
Temperature range +5 ° C to +50 ° C
Relative humidity <90%, non-condensing


  • Smart card controlled
  • Pre-defied treatment programs
  • Intuitive menu control
  • Therapy programming on the PC

Certifid in accordance with Directive 93/42/EC
Medical Devices

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