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CellPower Water Bottle
Was developed by Nuno Nina based on experience acquired with more than 50,000 patients in the most diverse clinical situations. 
Through extensive testing and trials in clinical environments for the past 4 years, the present CellPower technology has evolved beyond the remaining hydrogenated water bottles available on the market to create and provide a whole new system of benefits.

In his quest to always obtain greater therapeutic results, these are the water values ​​that, according to theoretical mathematical calculations carried out by Nuno and their application in clinical practice, allowed the achievement of greatest therapeutic outcomes. He discovered that in this case, more  (more hydrogen, more negative ORP ...) does not mean better. Rather, what is desired is a specific relationship of values ​​that allow us to have the best electrical reaction within the body as measured and proven through BTA-Biological Terrain Analysis.

When we think of the role of water in the human body, we must see it as matter; as the main matrix and medium within us that provides a coherent electrical current in the body, which in reality is life. It is water, paradoxically, that allows an electrical potential to exist within us. It is the water that stores that electrical charge. And through CellPower Water technology, we have found the way to optimize this. 

CellPower Water Bottle

*Hydrogen Level: >1100 ppb
*ORp Index: <-600
*pH Value < 7
*rH2 Index <10
*Water Temperature suitable between 2 degree - 99 degree
*2 Programs to Generate 3 mins / 5 mins Hydrogen Water



Based on the work of Gilbert Ling, it was discovered that in the intracellular environment of mammals two types of water coexist: Unstructured water - high density, active and fluid; predominant in proliferating cells.

Structured water - low density, inactive and viscous; predominant in cells in a quiescent / stable state, without proliferation.In normal physiology, the two types of water coexist in dynamic equilibrium, in a "steady state" according to the metabolic needs of the cell in that particular time and condition.Life is a dynamic balance between structured and unstructured water. A tendency towards one side or the other in a lasting way is what will define what types of diseases we can or will develop.A deviation to structured water corresponds to a slower aging, without disease, trauma and pain, leading to a serene death.On the other hand, when there are  significant deviations to an unstructured water level, be it acutely or chronically, this leads to the onset of diseases the severity of which depends on the degree of deviation.The aforementioned dynamic balance is maintained by two factors: I - The intracellular energy metabolism: Embeden-Meyerhof cycle (destructor) is in equilibrium with Oxidative Phosphorylation (structurer).II - The interstitial medium; careful cellular selection of a mixture of cosmotrophic (water structuring agents) and chaotropic  (water destabilizing agents) substances. It’s in the interstitial environment that the potential difference that we attribute to the cell membrane will manifest. In Oxidative Phosphorylation, “electrons” are passed from one component of the transport chain to another in a series of redox reactions. The energy released in these reactions is captured in the form of a proton gradient that is done at the expense of H+ accumulation. In turn, H+ quickly turns into H3O+ in the aqueous medium and generates the most potent water structurer: ATP.

This is one reason why, when drinking water with hydrogen, we have general beneficial effects on our health. One of the best water structures is CellPower Water.


There are hundreds of in vitro studies, in both animals and in humans, that all confirm the ability of H2 to reduce the levels of some “free radicals”, particularly the very dangerous hydroxyl radical (OH •) leading to a corresponding reduction in the level of oxidative stress.Therefore, based on the research, it seems legitimate to call H2 an "antioxidant" or, more correctly, to say that "it acts as an antioxidant". However, since the thermodynamics of the elimination reaction between H2 and the OH• radical are extremely unfavorable, scientists believe that it acts not as a direct “antioxidant”, but as a signal modulator to activate molecules that act to reduce the formation of free radicals. The precise mechanism is still under investigation. The new technology for the production of active hydrogen present in CellPower Water, unlike the others, seems to work as an “antioxidant”, but directly, due to the instability of the molecule that is more available to reduce “free radicals”.

*”Free radical" and "antioxidant" are in quotation marks because, in reality, they do not exist inside our body. There may be actions with similar behaviors, but they should not be named in this way. *

Alkalinity does not give any therapeutic properties to water. The most recent research has clearly demonstrated that dissolved H2 gas is exclusively responsible for the therapeutic benefit. When H2 is removed from the water, so is the benefit.So  then, how did the myth that alkaline water as beneficial to health come about?Based on the belief that diseases only develop in acidic environments, different types of devices have appeared on the market that alter the properties of the water we consume to go along with this idea. Alkaline water ionizers gained fame and have been marketed for decades, claiming that alkalinity would have numerous therapeutic benefits in the body by lowering acidity.However, there is no evidence to support these claims.  Only alkaline waters that undergo an electrolysis process and contain dissolved H2 gas can have therapeutic benefits. The truth is that ionized alkaline water would have a potential therapeutic effect, not because it is alkaline, but because it has a greater amount of dissolved HYDROGEN (H2), which does not happen with bottled alkaline water sold on the market which must be avoided.This is because the electrolysis process leads to an increase in pH. As it was not possible to “produce” H2 in water without increasing the pH, the positive effects of alkaline pH were wrongly attributed. CellPower Water Bottle has the ability to produce hydrogen without increasing the pH of the water. Therefore, we recommend that you use a water whose pH is what we consider ideal: slightly acidic.

Since we tend to think that “ more is better”, the notion that a higher negative reading is superior to a less negative one seems plausible. However this is  not true. Like everything in life, the relationship between several specific parameters is what creates a balanced water with real therapeutic characteristics. The negative ORP is simply an indicator of the possible presence of dissolved H2 gas. Given that the magnitude of the negative ORP measurement does not provide any useful information on the level of the hydrogen gas dissolved in the water, only extrapolations can be made. It is important to note that a negative ORP does not always indicate a therapeutic benefit. Some toxic substances can also produce a negative ORP in the water. When we speak of water with hydrogen, it is important to emphasize that the negative ORP does not indicate that the water has an electrical charge, but that it contains H2 gas a reducing agent. The process is simple: during electrolysis, electricity is responsible for the production of hydrogen gas (H 2) at the negative cathode, which dissolves in water as it passes through it. However, this action was not yet widely known, as a relationship had not yet been created between dissolved hydrogen, a reducing agent, and the negative ORP value.Another important note about the ORP (as the acronym points to)  is that it is a potential that is being measured and not a guarantee that any particular reaction will result from it. There are factors such as temperature, activation energy and reaction ratios (mathematical ratio) that have to be favorable.The ORP values ​​obtained with CellPower Water Bottle were determined by Nuno Nina as being ideal when correlated with the remaining parameters.

rH2 measures the concentration of electrons. It is an evaluation of water's ability to reduce acids. It represents the electrical factor and the regulatory capacity of the medium. The scale ranges from 0 to 42. Neutrality is at rH2 = 28. For rH2 less than 28, the solution is reduced, for rH2 greater than 28, the solution is oxidizing and positive (without electrons). A substance that loses its electrons oxidizes. A substance that gains electrons is reduced. An oxidant is a substance capable of capturing electrons. A reducing agent is a substance capable of releasing electrons. In young adults, rH2 in venous blood is between 22 and 23. rH2 above 28 indicates an electron deficient environment, which promotes the formation of free radicals. CellPower Water has an rH2 value of less than 10, which allows it to act as a reducing agent within the body.

How is the CellPower Water Bottle better than the rest of the “hydrogen water generators” on the market?

Designed with two Containers for the separation of toxic water
CellPower Water Bottle is designed with two containers for the separation of toxic waste, offering more safety and quality to the water. This is necessary because mineral water, when ionized, gives rise to countless toxic compounds in an uncontrolled way. Hydrogenated water bottles on the market only have one container, mixing drinkable water and ionized water.

Manufactured in Taiwan
CellPower Water Bottle is manufactured in Taiwan . All units are subjected to strict quality controls with the generators activated in advance and all parameters measured for optimal levels. 
Furthermore, all bottles are tested under a strict quality control process in Nuno Nina's office before shipping.

Battery allows easy replacement
CellPower Water Bottle’s battery allows for easy replacement, unlike most other brands that require technical support. Since life of Li-Fe rechargeable battery was limited in 6~12 months, CellPower Water offers the typical market 18650 battery inside so that  our clients can replace it by themselves easily.

Offers multifunctional and delicate buckle caps
CellPower Water Bottle offers multifunctional and delicate buckle caps that are quite different from other brands with common screw caps.

Allows to produce hydrogenated hot water
CellPower Water Bottle allows users to produce hydrogenated hot water, contrary to what H2 experts say that only cold water can contain hydrogen. Our bottles can offer high hydrogen content in water below 90ºC, which can be used to make tea or coffee.

Has less than 20% H2 loss in one hour
Due to our unique frequency technology, CellPower Water Bottle has less than 20% H2 loss in one hour.

Features and Details
CellPower Water® Bottle was developed with the aim of creating water with the ideal electromagnetic properties for your body.

USB-C charging
5 minute cycle
330mL capacity

H2 Level > 1100ppb
ORP index < -600
rH2 index < 10
pH value < 7

*using water with pH 5-6 and TDS 20-50mg/L

The face behind CellPower Water®.
With a background in mathematics and systems engineering, Nuno Nina has been deeply involved in electromedicine field, having developed medical devices and treatment frequencies for TimeWaver Frequency and Healy. Nuno Nina founded and is the director of IM – Integrative Medicine Clinic in Lisbon, whose concept was replicated in several clinics around the world. Nuno’s latest investigation has revolved around water as the foundation of all treatment, and has led towards the creation of CellPower Water. CellPower Water is the result of several investigations carried out by him and his team over the past decade.

Scientific Evidence.
There are hundreds of studies - some presented here - that all confirm the ability of H2 to reduce the levels of some ''free radicals'', particularly the very dangerous hydroxyl radical (OH•) leading to a corresponding reduction in the level of oxidative stress.
The therapeutic benefits of hydrogen are proven in the most diverse health conditions: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cancer, alzheimer, parkinson...

FAQs about CellPowerWater ® Bottle
You should use CellPower Water Bottle in all the water you drink, ideally 1.5/2L per day at least. It will depend on your clinical condition. Yes. Anyone can drink, regardless of age or health status. It is completely safe.
You can use RO, filtered or mineral water. HOWEVER, we do not recommend RO water. The ideal water to be used should have a pH between 5-6 and TDS (total dissolved solids) 20-50mg/L.
The density of the water, making water lighter and easier to drink. With CellPower Water, you do not feel full.
Over time, water loses its properties. We recommend that you consume it within 30 minutes after being produced.
If you heat the water after the cycle, it will lose hydrogen. However, you can preheat (do not use microwave!) the water and place it inside the bottle to carry out the hydrogenation process.
You can apply it on your face for skin care, on your eyes, on your hair, as a hand moisturizer, nasal wash and for cooking.
The CellPower Water Bottle does not require mandatory periodic maintenance. It does not have any filter or part that has to be changed other than in case of damage. Battery should be changed when necessary (lifetime 12 months).
If you do not use the bottle for more than a week, you must activate it with boiling water.
Cycle for 5 minutes with boiling water (using a kettle). Discard the water produced.
The warranty is two years and covers manufacturing defects only. It may be necessary to replace the battery (lifetime 12 months) which is not covered by the warranty and whose price is around €5.
A full charge takes about 10-15 cycles of 5 minutes, it will depend on the water temperature.
The bottle beeps and turns off the light. If desired, you can activate silent mode: with the bottle off, press and hold the button until you hear a single beep.
With the bottle off, press and hold the button until you hear a single beep.

Start a new chapter in your health.
The first step to a healthy life is consuming the right water. Nuno Nina’s theories are based on his knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry, which he brought to the field of health and applied in his clinical practice. Nuno Nina’s opinion should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified healthcare provider.

Copyright ©CellPower Water. All Rights Reserved.

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