Bulletproof AirScape Kitchen Canister

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Bulletproof® AirScape® Kitchen Canister

Keep food fresh by keeping air out – the enemy of food
Store coffee, tea, Whey 2.0, Collagen, or any dry or powdered food you want to keep extra fresh
Patented valve pushes the air out of the container then seals and locks its lid to prevent food corruption
Stainless steel, scratch-resistant, high gloss

1 Airscape® Kitchen Canister

Ultimate Freshness
Upgrade your kitchen with this innovative airtight coffee storage system. Bulletproof Airscape solves the problem of staleness caused by canisters that seal the air in instead of sealing it out! Airscape ejects excess air that damages food flavors, and then seals it out.

64 fl. oz. AirScape® canister with patented airtight valve lid
4 3/4"diameterbase, 7" high, holds 1 lb of whole bean coffee (or powders such as collagen or whey)
Chrome finish with Bulletproof logo
Keep your coffee, Upgraded Collagen, Upgraded Chocolate Powder, or Whey 2.0 protein fresh longer with this airtight canister with patented sealing lid. This patented AirScape canister technology protects your food and coffee from air so you can store it safely over time.

Easily press the air out of your canister and then just flip the handle to seal the air out. Airscape’s patented locking lid serves as the ultimate protector of dry ingredients to completely keep air and moisture out. Watch the Airscape Animation Video to understand how the innovative valve technology works.



What can Airscape do?
Use the Bulletproof AirScape kitchen canister to hold anything from coffee beans to supplements to protein powders or dried cooking ingredients.The AirScape lid lets you clearly see what’s inside without letting harmful ultra-violet light damage the contents. Made from restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel with a chrome finish. Durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer. Planetary Designs is the owner of the registered trademark for AirScape.

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