Braineffect Wild Brew

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Quick Overview

Braineffect Wild Brew
Drink and think outside the box

  • Coffee plus iron for alertness and zinc for concentration
  • Awaken the lion within you with Lion's Mane mushroom and Chaga
  • Spicy chai taste
  • Perfect for on the go
  • 14 sticks per pack
  • Arabica coffee
  • Get the ultimate power to dive into your flow phase
  • Exotic mushroom extracts
  • Lion's Mane mushroom & Chaga provide you with precious nutrients
  • Exotic spice mix
  • Vanilla, cinnamon, and co. give the WILD BREW a special touch
  • Iron Reduces your tiredness to keep you focused!
  • Zinc Contributes to your cognitive function
  • Concentration boost on the go
  • Just dissolve it in 80 degrees hot water and enjoy

Usage & duration of effect:
The perfect drink with zinc and iron when you need concentration and power. Whether as a pick-me-up in the morning or as a secret weapon against the mid-afternoon slump. With WILD BREW, you regain your power and fade the world out. 

Note: WILD BREW has an elevated caffeine content (81 mg caffeine/stick). Not recommended for children and pregnant women!

Make sure you always keep the product dry and cool.

Our tip: The WILD BREW is ideally complemented by our smart POWER BALLS, your little snack for in between, our FOCUS capsules with vitamin B5 for the long-term support of your mind and KRILL BOOST with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for more mental energy and your heart.

Note: Food supplements don't replace a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of children.



WILD BREW with iron and zinc is perfect for anyone who has to concentrate a lot and needs the necessary power to do so. Students in the learning phase benefit just as much as tired office athletes in the afternoon or evening shortly before the energy-sapping gym session. With WILD BREW you think out of the box and discover your wild side. More than coffee! Due to its caffeine content, WILD BREW is not recommended for pregnant women or children

One WILD BREW Stick contains approximately 81 mg caffeine. In order not to jeopardize your restful sleep, make sure not to take in too much caffeine throughout the day. In general, you should avoid caffeine consumption after 4 p.m. Unfortunately this also applies to our WILD BREW - Mushroom + Coffee. But you know what?! Tomorrow is, fortunately, another day.

WILD BREW is a dietary supplement containing Arabica coffee with added fungal extracts (Lion's Mane and Chaga), minerals (iron and zinc) and spices. The caffeine contained in coffee can lead to inner restlessness, discomfort and insomnia in the evening if consumed too intensively. We, therefore, recommend consuming the contents of only one WILD BREW stick per day to avoid undesirable side effects.

Our Mushroom + Coffee not only consists of delicious Arabica coffee but is complemented by Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Chaga. These types of mushrooms, which have only been rediscovered in this country for a relatively short time, have been considered a real superfood. One reason for this is that they are bursting with minerals and trace elements. Biohackers, therefore, swear by the power mushrooms, which is why they give our WILD BREW that special touch.

Dietary supplements with instant coffee, mushroom extracts, and minerals

14 sticks per box contain: 70% instant coffee (arabica), Chaga Extract (Inonotus obliquus), Lion's Mane Extract (Hericium Erinaceus), natural vanilla flavor, iron, salt, 1% spices, zinc

Nutrition table
1 stick (daily dose) contains the following functional ingredients:

Ingredients                            per portion (= 1 stick à 3,5 g)       % RM*    
Chaga Extract (mg)                   400        **
- polysaccharides (mg)                   120        **
Lion’s Mane Extract (mg)                   400        **
- polysaccharides (mg)                   120        **
caffeine (mg)                    81        **
iron (mg)                   3,5      25 %
zinc (mg)                   1,5      15 %

*Percentages for nutrient reference values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011
** No nutrient reference values (NRV) available

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