BRAINEFFECT Rocket coffee (ground - 460g)

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BRAINEFFECT Rocket coffee (grounded) - 460 grams 
120 grams more than Bulleproof coffee bags

Increased caffeine content
100 % robusta
Perfect for the preparation of butter coffee
Handpicked and sun-dried beans

Tested in independant labratory for mycotoxins, to be extreamly safe and a good coffee product far above standard coffee



Depending on your taste, we recommend a dosage of 9-14 g per portion (cup of coffee). Brew with a filter machine or French Press and enjoy!

Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Flavour: Nutty aroma with a light bittersweet tone
  • Easy to prepare: Ideal ground grade for French press or filter brewing
  • Power tip:Perfect for butter coffee, together with pure ROCKET C8 MCT oil
  • Made in Germany: Gently roasted and ground in Germany
  • Single Estate: Freshly harvested, single-origin coffee from the south of India

It's 5:35 in the morning, and your head is telling you it's too early and too dark to get out of bed. The excuses are endless. Your mind is still feeling flat from the day before, and a legion of anonymous voices wants you to hit the snooze button. But your head is stronger. You know exactly why you set the alarm. Today is your day! You want to give it full throttle. 110 %. For your project, and your goal. You jump out of bed and get cracking: workout, cold shower, breakfast. From now on, this includes a large cup of rocket fuel from the high-caffeine-content Robusta bean.

ROCKET COFFEE is particularly high in caffeine, and therefore the ideal wake-upper for the perfect start to the day. Our hand-picked, sun-dried canephora beans come from a high-altitude area of origin in southern India. After drying, the fresh beans are brought to Germany, and are gently roasted and ground in a small private roastery here – with the aim of obtaining the highest possible caffeine content. Therefore, it is not only coffee lovers that rely on our ground coffee beans with their unique full-bodied flavour; biohackers too no longer want to go without our ROCKET COFFEE, from which they can brew their UPGRADED ROCKET COFFEE.


Nutritious canephora beans from southern India
ROCKET COFFEE is produced from canephora beans from a high region of origin in southern India, hand-picked and sun-dried. After this, the fresh beans are brought to Germany, and are gently roasted and ground in a small private roastery here – with the aim of obtaining the highest possible caffeine content. It's the black fuel for your projects!


Caffeine − the star of black rocket fuel
Caffeine is contained in many foods and beverages in different concentrations. It is a chemical substance with a ring system as a structure and a purine alkaloid. It is part of the xanthine family and is known to us as the main active ingredient in coffee. Depending on the coffee preparation, a different caffeine content is found in beverages. Caffeine is also found in tea, cocoa, mate, kola nut, and guarana. Nevertheless office workers in particular only really start their day after their first cup of black fuel.


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