BrainEffect Rocket C8 (500 ml)

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Quick Overview

BRAINEFFECT Rocket C8 (500 ml)
KETOGENIC energy for nutrition professionals

  • Made from 100% caprylic (C8 MCT oil)
  • For immediate energy due to the rapid transformation into ketone bodies
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Made in Germany
  • Energy :Ketogenic energy source from fat instead of sugar
  • Cognitive performance:Supports cognitive performance
  • The best MCTs : 100 % C8 - caprylic acid for max. ketone formation
  • Made in Germany: From controlled production in Germany
  • Vegan: 100 % vegan with no animal products

MCT oils are one of the fastest sources of energy for the body. The characteristic medium chain fatty acids contained in them are particularly easily for your body to process. MCTs are converted into ketone bodies in the liver, which are often a better source of energy than carbohydrates because they do not affect blood sugar levels.

ROCKET C8 MCT oil can thus quickly supply your body and brain with energy. It is processed in significantly fewer metabolic steps than carbohydrates, which is why every cell is quickly supplied with energy by ROCKET C8. As an alternative to glucose (sugar), ROCKET C8 helps to achieve ambitious goals and master challenges.

ROCKET C8 is the ideal energy supplier in particular for low-carb diets or ketogenic nutrition. Longer active and thinking phases can be completed without hypoglycemia. The energy density is also higher and more of the energy currency ATP is converted in the cell power plants, the mitochondria. That's why you should drink more fat!

The smart active ingredient content from this bottle of MCT oil
Our ROCKET C8 is pure MCT oil and consists of 100 % carefully extracted caprylic acid (C8).



C8 fatty acid from pure virgin coconuts. 

Nutritional table
Ingredients per 100 g
Energy 3700 kJ
Energy (kcal) 900 kcal
- Saturates 100 mg
Carbohydrates 0 mg
- Sugar 0 mg
Dietary fibre 0 mg
Protein 0 mg
Salt 0 mg

Caprylic acid (C8) is the highest quality and most effective MCT fatty acid and supplies your brain with pure energy. The background to this is that the C8 acid can be metabolised by the body the fastest and builds the most ketones (energy sources). Ketones provide our mitochondria with the necessary energy and have a considerably higher energy density compared to glucose. Caprylic acid is particularly valuable for the performance of the brain, because good usability ensures that the energy in the form of ketones is very useful for the brain. Your body needs just three steps to transform C8 into energy - compared to 26 metabolic steps with sugar. ROCKET C8 therefore allows you to take advantage of the positive aspects of a ketogenic diet for the brain, even with a moderate intake of carbohydrates. The reason for this is that the fatty acids are converted directly to ketones. This is why C8 acid is also considered rocket fuel for the brain. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of caprylic acid exceed those of other MCTs many times and the produced, but unused, ketone bodies are easily excreted through the urine. Since coconut oil contains only 6% caprylic acid, the C8 fatty acid is very rare and expensive. It takes up to 65 coconuts to obtain 500 ml of caprylic acid. Conventional MCT oils or coconut oil is a mixture of C8 (caprylic acid) and C10 (capric acid), sometimes even C12 (lauric acid). These mixtures are a lot cheaper, because less oil is needed for the extraction of the fatty acids, and it also provides much fewer ketone bodies and thereby less energy

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