BIOTITE liquid crystal minerals

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Quick Overview

Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals 
A Concentrate of structure generating Liquid Crystal Minerals

People who use Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals show significant results!Here are some of the things our product has demonstrated:

• Removes 99% chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, plastics, solvents, heavy metals & pathogens
• Provides full spectrum of elements in soluble form
• Removes cellular waste residues out of tissue, gland & organs
• Activates oxygen & increases assimilation of nutrients
• Stimulates efficient cellular metabolism
• Provides improved hydration to cellular level
• Magnetic sulfate minerals are key to optimize all enzymatic function

What is Biotite Concentrate?
It’s a concentrated, water based solution of ionic minerals made from a type of crystalline deposit called biotite. The mother concentrate from which this product is made comes from extracting mineral salts from a biotite deposit. These minerals are then diluted in purified water and bottled as a liquid based water purifier. Because of this process, the extract is a concentrated source of structured water matrices and when those structures are added to unstructured water, the treated water also becomes structured. This is why it is also called a “Structured Water Concentrate.”

How is BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate used?
Use is very simple. Depending on the initial quality of the water being treated, just add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of concentrate per gallon or 3,78 liter of water. This is a ratio of about 1000 parts water to one part concentrate. You can add a bit less or more depending on how pure the water is to begin with. Distilled water, for example, would need less, questionable water would need more. Specifics are below.

Is BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate expensive?
No. Because it’s so highly concentrated, it costs pennies per day. Here are some examples: 

A 56 ml bottle costs about 400 NOK and purifies up to 113 liters of of water. The cost is about 0,3 "øre" pr. liter and less than 1 NOK pr. day. So, using BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate saves resources, decreases pollution, keeps landfills from getting clogged with endless numbers of empty plastic bottles and costs remarkably less too.By the way, we recommend using either glass, ceramic or stainless steel for storing/carrying water, not plastic.

Can you explain a bit more about BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate?
Let’s start off with biotite, which is a type of mineral deposit. Other well known types are quartz, granite, feldspar, etc. Biotite has certain geological characteristics and was named in honor of a French physicist, Jean-Baptiste Biot. In Nature, biotite is in the form of very thin sheets of minerals and has a unique structure. Biotite deposits are found in many places around the globe but each deposit is different from all the others. The differences between them can be categorized by weight, mass, constituent profile, color, etc. Research on the properties of biotite began in the 1960s and it was soon determined that it was jam packed with minerals. A process was invented to produce a super-concentrate, water purifying liquid from the biotite. The liquid was then filtered and diluted to make BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate (Liquid Crystal Minerals.) This process imitates Nature because when volcanic gases come in contact with water, they produce acidic compounds that, under the right temperature and pressure, in the presence of these biotite deposits, produce the same water purifying effects.

As a result of much research and investigation, this BiotiteH3O2™ concentrate is now capable of sanitizing water, no matter how polluted it might be, no matter what the contaminants might be or where they may be. This is what makes BiotiteH3O2™ such a revolutionary substance–it’s ability to clean water no matter what.

Do I need to refrigerate BiotiteH3O2™?
No. It’s remarkably stable, does not degrade or lose potency and has an indefinite shelf life. Just keep it out of direct sunlight.

How long should I wait before drinking my treated water?
There are two factors at work here: first, although treating water with BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate will quickly reduce or completely eliminate any questionable substances in the water, there could be a cloudy opaqueness in the water or some other contamination that’s not readily apparent. If there is contamination, it will usually settle to the bottom. Second, the creation of the opaqueness and the settling do take some time, depending on 1) how many contaminants are in the water, and 2) how much of those contaminants the water has. Although the treated water will be decontaminated within a few minutes or less, it may have a cloudy look. Some people don’t care about this and just drink the water. Others prefer to wait until the cloud settles and in many cases, because a person is using the concentrate as well as our gravity-fed filter system, there’s no need to wait. However, all of these things are, to a large degree, determined by the initial quality of the water. If it is clean, or more or less so before being treated, then the clouding may not occur. However, there are many other instances where water is not clean even though it looks like it is. Even chlorine, which is found in most municipal water supplies around the country but is colorless, is, from the perspective of pure water, a contaminant, and BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate will clean that up too, changing the chlorine (a gas) into chloride salts (particulates) which will precipitate out and fall to the bottom.

What else can BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate be used for?

  • Make clean and structured water to drink
  • As a soak/wash for produce that’s not organically grown.
  • As an additive to hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, whirlpools, spas, etc., because it’s completely natural, less harmful to the environment than chemicals and lasts up to eight months between uses.
  • As an additive to a bath because, essentially, the same compounds that are found in mineral baths and spas in Europe and many other places, are the ones in BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate so you can have an honest-to-goodness mineral spa right in your own bathtub, and at a tiny fraction of the usual cost.
  • As a replacement for chemicals that are ordinarily used for cleaning, for example, contact lens solutions or washing the kitchen countertops.
  • At a dilution level determined through experimentation, as a spray for houseplants or in the garden.
  • BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate can also be diluted at the rate of 1000:1 for agricultural purposes because it improves the moisture characteristics of soil. Add it to the water, stir or agitate, then water your plants.
  • As a foliar spray for orchards, herbs or flowers.

Does BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate do anything to the chlorine in municipal water? Yes, it transforms the chlorine into chloride(s), meaning, the chlorine is no longer in the water. It has become various types of chloride salts which fall to the bottom.

By what process does BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate clean pollutants?
It’s essentially the same process that attracts the south pole of one magnet to the north pole of another magnet. If you bring them close together, they instantly stick to each other. But in the case of BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate, the positively charged pollutants get so “stuck” to the negatively charged concentrate that they can’t be unstuck after that. 

I’ve heard that people can go through a detoxification cycle when they first use BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate.
Could you explain that? 
There is a mistaken idea prevalent in modern cultures that any type of health issue that arises is automatically cause for alarm but this bears closer scrutiny. In fact, “getting sick” is often a simple reaction of the human organism to the inevitable build up of toxic waste materials. Having a tummy ache from overeating is a well known example. Some of the materials that the body reacts to are generated internally from the normal functioning of glands, organs, muscles and other tissues. Many other wastes, however, are built up from substances found in air, water and food. While the details lie beyond the scope of this article, the bottom line is that engaging in health-building activities such as the use of a water purifier like BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate, can lead to feelings, initially, of light headedness, for example, or headaches or rashes.

Does detoxing take a long time?
It’s not a predictable phenomenon. One person might have a headache that lasts an hour or two, someone else could have a rash that lasts for a few days and then fades out. Because we’re all unique in many ways, the detoxing process is different for each individual, not only in terms of how long a detox will last but also, how intense it is. Depending on many factors like age, diet, exercise regularity and dozens of other parameters, detoxing is very often just a brief phase as the body rebalances itself.

What is the piezoelectric effect?
“Another way in which the human system transforms the energies it assimilates… by virtue of what is known in Western science as the ‘piezoelectric effect.’ This refers to a unique property possessed by all crystalline structures, whereby any sort of vibratory or wave energy applied to a crystal structure is transformed into electromagnetic pulses. The human body contains a variety of tissues with crystalline structures within their matrix, particularly bone, connective tissue and the electrolytes in certain bodily fluids. These crystalline structures have the capacity to transduce various types of high-frequency wave energies to which they are exposed, such as light and sound, producing specific electromagnetic pulses that are conducted by the meridians and nerves and utilized by various organs and tissues of the body.  



How does regular water become structured from the addition of the BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate?
To understand this, we need to first explain that water responds to everything around it. For example, when it’s hit by sunlight, say, in a creek or riverbed, it picks up the photonic energy from the sunlight and begins to get structured because it’s being energized. There are many other ways that it responds too. It will begin to get structured from the warmth of infrared energy or from the minerals it comes in contact with on a streambank or when it’s coursing underground and picks up the paramagnetic influences of tiny rock fragments that are being rubbed by the watercourse as it passes by heading downstream. Water also starts getting structured from contact with organic substances. For example, autumn leaves falling on a pond and breaking down from microbial action or the effect of wind, rain, snow and the moon, all have effects on the water. In a sense, some have said that water is “alive” because like other lifeforms, it’s constantly responding to the environment in which it is found.

Now that we’ve mentioned some of these energetic effects on the water, we come to a delivery system for structuring when the water is treated with BiotiteH3O2™ Concentrate. The highly charged ionic minerals in the concentrate cause the water being treated to create an organized structure but in this case, it’s a far stronger reaction than the effects of sunlight or infrared frequencies. The organized structure is theorized to be a hexagonal polyhedron with a repeating pattern in which oxygen atoms are always found in a specific relationship to the hydrogen atoms and the hydrogen atoms are also always found in a repeating pattern and relationship to the oxygen. The structure is in three dimensions and remains stable for extremely long periods of time even under unusual ambient circumstances, like cold weather or high humidity. So what this all boils down to is simply that the strong electrical potential of the ionic charges in the concentrate, organize the bulk, unstructured water into a coherent, repeating structure. A simple analogy is what we see again and again in Nature. For example, bees swarm, build a hive and create a hexagonal structure because of all their energy being directed in a very organized pattern. BiotiteH3O2™ does the same thing to water. And this is a completely natural effect because it’s a mimic of what happens from all the influences mentioned before–sunlight, warmth, rocks, minerals and so on. But because the concentrate is highly charged, the structuring effect is much stronger and faster.

How necessary is it to be fully hydrated?
In brief, it’s crucial. If you look over some of the information provided in our Resources/Research page, it becomes clear that proper hydration reduces the daily cellular stress that occurs and is absolutely necessary for the body to carry out the millions of processes that together, we call “life.” Without high quality, energized, structured water, life would cease almost instantly. That’s how important it is.

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