Biomag three-piece 3D-e applicator (140 x 45 x 4 cm)

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Biomag three-piece 3D-e applicator (140 x 45 x 4 cm)



Why 3D Biomag magnetic therapy?

There are two main advantages of 3D magnetic therapy.
1) Much more accurate shape of pulses than in conventional multi-part applicators.
2) Application of accurate pulses from multiple directions and reaching higher stimulation of cellular membranes.

To understand these advantages correctly, they must be divided into the following parts.
Advantage – if we use a flat 3D applicator folded out horizontally (applicable to both one-part and three-part applicators): Conventional multi-part applicators along with a conventional device generate magnetic field at the same moment, however, 3D or 2C Biomag applicators switch parts in sequence. The results bring neat shape of pulses on each of the parts. It should be noted that if generating is carried out for all parts at the same time, magnetic fields of individual parts influence each other, resulting in negative deformation of pulses. This reduces the therapeutic effect as well. Because 3D Biomag applicators generate magnetic field for individual parts at different moments, they will never influence each other, resulting in more accurate and effective magnetic pulses on patented Biomag applicators.

Advantage – if we use a 3D applicator folded into a triangle (applicable for three-part applicators):
A 3D Biomag applicator can be folded into a triangle (even not fully closed), which will provide inner space for the part of the body to be treated by 3D magnetic field. The advantage of such magnetic field is its treatment of cellular membranes from multiple directions, and by accurate pulses. Thanks to this, cells are stimulated to a higher extent than if cells are treated from all directions simultaneously using a field deformed by simultaneous generation of all three parts.

Note: In addition, if the 3D applicator is equipped with holes (such as Omega 3D), it is possible to put for example shoulders in it; in this case, homogeneous (with even intensity) part of magnetic field is applied on shoulders, which provides the advantageous application of the same power within the whole area of the hole. This is highly effective particularly for deep application on joints or other parts of limbs.
Advantage of sequential switching of parts (applicable to 3D solenoids or folded multi-part applicators with hole). The advantage is quite simple, still attractive. For example, if we have a 3D solenoid such as SL30-3D, we can apply homogeneous (with even intensity) field to a larger part of body (e.g. legs) and still keep high intensity of applications. Moreover, the shape of pulses is of the top quality, of course. This can be utilized in folded applicators with a hole such as Omega 3D, too.

In any case, arguments for 3D Biomag magnetic therapy are explicit and they are not provided by any other magnetic therapy on the market.

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