Biomag Lumina MD1 (Clinic)

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Biomag Lumina MD Set
The Biomag® Lumina MD set is the most suitable set for modern sites, which allows the majority of requirements for applications of patented 3D Biomag magnetic therapy to be met. Therefore, it is suitable for large sports-relaxation centres, rehabilitation centres, modern hospital centres and clinics.

Biomag Lumina Clinic magnetic therapy

  • patented 3D rotary magnetic pulses
  • colour touch display
  • 4 outputs for applicators
  • possibility to operate 2 programs at the same time
  • frequency of generated pulses 1 – 162 Hz
  • automated selection of favourite programs
  • possibility to create and name user programs
  • pulse shapes: pike , triangular, rounded, rectangular
  • adjustable application times: 5 – 120 minutes
  • audio alarm at the end of application
  • supply voltage 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz + option to connect cables compatible with the region of use
  • on-site usage on patients thanks to battery operation – if all four outputs are used: approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • device menu and application instructions in 13 world languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Vietnamese


Ref.: Set Biomag Lumina MD1 - Biomag Lumina CLINIC 3/1 with battery, 108 x 3D rotary programs, belt PL5, power cord, tester, manual, AL16-LUM, AL96-2C, SL60-P, SL20-3D, bag L11





Biomag Lumina Clinic magnetic therapy. Patented 3D pulsed magnetic therapy.Practical accessories Technical parameters. The new generation of Biomag magnetic therapy devices again pushes the standards in pulsed magnetic field therapy even higher. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, new therapeutical Biomag magnetic therapy devices provide high efficiency combined with sophisticated and organized firmware layout that every member of medical staff will appreciate. Application of the pulsed Biomag magnetic therapy is thus even more convenient than before. 

Biomag Lumina Clinic
High power output and 2 programs at the same time. Easy operation for medical staff.
4 outputs for applicators, each output with power up to 51 mT (510 Gauss). 107 programs. Text diagnoses can be selected by jump-entry – by entering their number on the touch screen. Patented 3D pulses of the magnetic field, frequency up to 162 Hz. Can be brought to patients thanks to its powerful battery.

High efficacy, quality, and satisfied users. Biomag magnetic therapy. Biomag magnetic therapy devices and applicators show high efficacy of treatment programs. Thanks to their top-quality construction, they have been serving professionals worldwide for many years. Satisfied users have always been the top priority for us.

Therapeutic bed for SL70. Thanks to the usable accessories, the wide range of applicators and fixation parts, the application of pulsed magnetic therapy is easy and convenient both for medical staff and patients. Thanks to the SL70 solenoid bed and solenoid, the patient’s and medical staff can enjoy maximum comfort in delivering Biomag pulse magnetotherapy. Simply the patient lay on the bed, the magnetotherapy applicator – solenoid SL70 – is moved to the needed application. Implementation of the Biomag magnetotherapy application is easier and more comfortable as never before.

Delivery including: Set Biomag Lumina MD1 - Biomag Lumina CLINIC 3/1 with battery, 108 x 3D rotary programs, belt PL5, power cord, tester, manual, AL16-LUM, AL96-2C, SL60-P, SL20-3D, bag L11

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