Bio-Well water sensor

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Bio-Well water sensor

Water sensor. The Bio-Well Water Sensor connects to the Calibration Unit similarly to the Sputnik and allows for the testing of water's response to environmental stimuli. It is not designed for evaluation of water quality or comparing different types of water from a quality standpoint.

Bio-Well Water sensor is a standard laboratory Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP) meter used for pH measurements of liquids. Tip of the Water sensor is covered with platinum in order to exclude corrosion during measurements.

Bio-Well Water sensor is not designed for evaluation of water (liquid) quality or comparing different types of waters (liquids) from the quality stand point, at the same time you can compare different waters (liquids) in their EPI parameters(see examples below).
Water sensor is most useful for relative comparison of liquids with the same chemical composition. For example, water before non-chemical influence(magnetic field, invocations, human intention, etc.), during and after it.

Comparing waters with different chemical composition is not so reliable and absolute values of the GI will have no sense at all, only the deviation of signal in time will have some meaning (Deviation S).



Water sensor manual (click here)

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