Bio-Well Glove

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Bio-Well Glove
The Bio-Well Glove is designed for real-time measurements of a person's stress level. Bio-Well Glove has two options: a conductive glove for one hand, or a sticky electrode which may be placed on any part of the body. Measurements are conducted in "Environment" or "Meditation" modes. Bio-Well Glove should be connected to the Calibration Unit supplied with the Bio-Well device.

Bio-Well Glove is a set of tools: conductive glove and sticky electrodes, for longterm measurements of persons stress state. Conductive glove is knitted with the use of silver threads and is connecting to the whole surface of the human hand. Sticky electrodes can be applied to any non-hairy part of the human body (or even animal), in example – to acupuncture points. Depending on the stress level of a person the values of parameters will alter and allow one to study influence of various phenomena on person’s state.



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