Baldakin - Canopy (Dome-Pyramide)-White-Swiss Shield Naturell-Super King 200cm x 180cm

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Baldakin - Canopy  (Dome-Pyramide-Sovetelt)
An electromagnetic radiation shielding canopy made of Swiss-Shield Naturell , Siss-Shield Ultra or our most effetive material Blocsilver ® fabric is our natural solution for the screening of high frequency from your sleeping place. However if you are inundated with wi-fi networks or cell tower radiation at very close proximity, you will probably require something stronger and this is where our Blocsilver comes in. If you are wanting the best for you and your family in terms of healthy, restorative sleep, then we will help you choose the canopy that is right for you to achieve the best conditions for peaceful and healthy sleep.If you live inside the EU and consider yourself electrically sensitive an investment in a Canopy that ensures natural sleep is recommended. Both canopies are made in the UK and come with everything you need to assemble in a couple of minutes. They suspend from the ceiling with the use of a screw fix hook, simple and easy to use. See options, we deliver different sizes, materials etc. the images are illustrations and the final Canopy might look different depending of choice of material and size. We also recommend using a bed mat the can be grounded to avoid reflection of wireless radiation from below as well as elimination of electric fields. Our Blocsilver material can be grounded (both the Canopy and the mat). If any questions please contact us for more information. Please look at the illustration images and you will find the correct size for your protected sleep area. 




EMF shielding, how?
What is EMF shielding, how do I do it I hear you say? Well, there are many things to consider but the first thing to do is find out what and where you are shielding.

The “what” is important as you need to know it’s a high-frequency wireless transmission and pick a fabric to close that down. You don’t really need to get too technical simply get an EMF detector or call someone who has the experience you need. For low to medium budget shielding projects, I would plump for an Acousimeter. For larger projects, it would be worth talking to one of our experts.

EMF shielding fabrics why?
So why choose EMF shielding fabrics as your method of dealing with wireless radiation in your environment. In my opinion, the answer to this is what else is there you could sensibly consider doing?

Everything other than EMF shielding fabrics simply changes a scenario for which there is conflicting evidence of biological harm. What I would recommend is until we know EMF’s are safe, we eliminate them. If we can’t eliminate them we reduce them as much as possible. For this only shielding works.

Put simply if you have wireless EMF radiation in your environment the growing evidence is its dangerous to human health. If you take it out of your environment then your risk in that environment disappears with it. Visa vi if you reduce the EMF in your environment your level of health risk reduces pro rata.

So what’s the alternative to EMF shielding fabrics? I would rather you decide basically. There is a myriad of stickers, magnets and friendly signal generators on the market. I’m sure many of them are well intended if scientifically flawed. The only real way to be sure you’ve done the best for you and your family is to remove EMF from the room. Let’s not try to rearrange it into something you think might be ok.

What type of EMF shielding fabric do I need?
Once you have the what, you can choose the EMF shielding fabric, window film and or paint you need. So in terms of fabrics for wireless EMF radiation from GSM, 2G, 3G, and 4G Cell Towers and older Wi-Fi routers. I would recommend Swiss Shield Ultima as it is not conductive (which is a good thing) for everything else I would choose Blocgold or Blocsilver. Both Blocsilver will shield very well all the technologies plus the new 5G cell signal and the 5GHz + WiFi routers. But be aware they are conductive and may need earthing, again if you’re unsure it would be worth talking to one of our experts.

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