ATANG Facial Neck Mask Micro-current LED Photon

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ATANG New 7 Color LED Facial Neck Mask Micro-current LED Photon Mask
Remove Wrinkle Acne Skin Rejuvenation Face Beauty Machine

Red Light
Wavelength of 630nm, known as the “biological activity of light” to improve cell activity, speed up the metabolism and promote collagen formation; with whitening, rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition to repair damaged skin, anti-aging effect of oxidation.

Blue Light
Wavelength 470nm, can inhibit the efficacy of inflammation, can be no damage to the skin tissue in the case of efficient damage to the bacteria of Propionibacterium, and in a very short period of time to significantly reduce the inflammatory phase of acne or even cured. redease acne sores, repair the skin, leaving no scars and pigment effect.

Green Light
Wavelength 520nm, a neutralization, balance and stability of the role, can reduce skin oil secretion, balance the proportion of water and oil, effectively relieve mental stress, dredging lymph and drainage.

Yellow Light
After special treatment of 590nm wavelength, to improve the exchange of cell oxygen, to the skin cells to add energy, decomposition of the pigment, improve skin roughness, wrinkles, redness for the skin, ringworm, enhance immunity.

Purple Light
Is the red and blue light of the dual frequency light, which combines the two kinds of light therapy and efficacy, especially in the acne mark has a particularly good effect and repair effect.

Bondi Blue Light
Can gradually enhance the energy of cells, the metabolism has a very good role in promoting.

Laser Light(White)
Penetrate the skin deep, speed up the metabolism of active tissue, break the stain, improve fine lines and loose skin.




Technical details:
Brand Name:ATANG
Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
Material:Composite Material
Model Number:GD-W-1
Model Number:Best Selling Home Health Laser Therapy Devic
Product Name:7 Colors Led Light Facial&Neck Beauty Mask
Quality:TUV 0197 CE, ISO 13485, CFDA, Clinical Test
Function:Tighten Pores, Accelerate Detoxification
Application:LED face mask is very effective for kinds of skin

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