Aquaphor Crystal ECO

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Aquaphor Crystal ECO
99.99% bacteria protection and deep water purification

Crystal Eco is a sorption filter with an additional microfiltration stage. It provides deep purification from a wide range of dangerous contaminants: chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, and other common toxins and allergens. Two CarbFiber block modules are manufactured using Aqualen™ — the patented ion-exchange fiber. Therefore the contact area of ​​water and sorbents is 42 times higher than that of granular сarbon filters, while the filtration rate is four times higher. The hollow fiber membrane carries out microfiltration. It represents a physical filter with pores no larger than 0.1 microns in size, so the system cuts off bacteria and cysts without the use of chemical bactericides. Water is ready for use immediately after filtration. The mineral composition of tap water remains natural.

Filter life time 8000 L
Filtration rate 2.5 L/min

Chemical free bacteria protection
It provides 100% chemical-free water filtration thanks to the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. The membrane removes particles down to 0.1 microns in size. Bacteria and viruses are significantly larger and get physically removed with no poisonous additives. Thanks to the microfiltration membrane, the Crystal Eco filter suits allergy patients, children, seniors, and those to have sensitive digestive and immune systems.

Deep purification
Three filtration stages, including microfiltration, provide very thorough purification down to 0.1 microns, which guarantees bacteria, algae and other microorganisms elimination. Crystal Eco also reduces chlorine and its annoying odour, filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for cleaner, clearer water. It protects from many health threatening impurities like organic compounds, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals.

Unlimited access to fresh drinking water
Get clean water fast: 2.5 litres of freshly filtered water per minute arrive directly from the tap. So with up to 8 000 litres filter set capacity, you will have plenty to keep whole family hydrated.

Versatile protection from waterborne threats
Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, phenols.

  • Chlorine
  • Bacterias
  • Organic compounds
  • Phenols
  • Heavy metals



Aquaphor Crystal ECO Under Sink Water Filter (0.1 Micron)
The water purifier Aquaphor Crystal is a new generation filter providing multi-stage purification of drinking water. Aquaphor Crystal - a stylish and ergonomic "slim" design, fast access to high-quality drinking water. Cartridges of the water purifiers are manufactured according to the carbon-block technology as a filter matrix media with a content of activated coconut carbon and ion-exchange fibre AQUALEN.

As a bactericide cartridges contain cluster micro-crystalline silver.
Modern slim-design
Applying a new patented design of collector and the new conception «block-cartridge» , the water purifier Aquaphor Crystal reached ultra-compact design.

Bacterial safety
For the first time replacement filter cartridges of the water purifier are represented as a single «block-cartridge» with the durable plastic housing. Replacing the cartridge you replace not only filtering media bud renew the housing of the water purifier as well. That guarantees additional protection from bacterial grown in case of long-time application of the filter.

Removal of colloid iron
The water purifier Aquaphor Crystal efficiently removes colloid iron applying space filtration. Space between granules in Aquaphor filters is filled with ion-exchange fibers Aqualen with 0.02 mm in diameter. Thereby the water purifier efficiently removes even small particles of colloid iron.

New line of cartridges
Quantity of sorbent in each filter cartridge increased by 10% comparing to the standard 10” cartridge. That allows to reach higher quality of water purification and increase the lifetime of water purifier.

Separate tap
A modern tap with a ceramic pair simplifies application of the water filter: pure water is available for you and your relatives any time without additional efforts.

Easy cartridge replacement
Replacement of the cartridges requires neither excessive force nor special tools. Replacement of all three cartridges takes within minute.

Deep purification
Removes all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and cysts.
Does not soften water
Recommended for use with soft water.

Replacement Filter Cartridges
K3- Replacement filter for primary purification of drinking water. Removes all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 10μ.
K7 - Replacement filter for final stage of drinking water purification. Removes all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 0.8μ.
K7B - Micro filtration membrane cartridge 0.1μ. Removes bacteria.
Recommended replacement frequency:
K3 - every 6-12 months
K7 - every 12 months
K7B every 12 months

Crystal ECO
Microfiltration cartridge of Crystal ECO ensures 99.99% protection from bacteria, cysts of parasites, suspended particles, rust, silt. All under-counter water filters of Crystal family are more compact compared to classic trio under-counter systems while containing same amount of sorption filling as traditional 10 inches modules. The housing is designed to withstand massive water pressure, is extremely easy and safe to change still secure from accidental removal. All parts are produced from food-grade materials and are BPA-free.

How it works
CarbFiber cartridge K3 makes preliminary sorbtion treatment. K3 contains granulated activated coconut carbon with Aqualen added to the mix. It filters particles up to 5 micron, removes active chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals. Deeper filtration by K7B with ultra-dense CarbFiber Block the remains of organic contaminants and heavy metals. A hollow fiber membrane installed at the entrance retains particles as small as 0.1 microns providing 99.99% protection from bacteria.

K7 for final treatment and conditioning contains silver in its active ionic form. Change filters timely, in case your water has high mechanical contamination, it may get clogged and require earlier replacement. All parts are made of high quality food grade and BPA free plastic.

What it filters
Removes: 99.99% of bacteria, animalcule, zooplankton and blue-green algae. Filters out remains of pharmaceuticals, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, organic compounds, pesticides, phenols. Water minerals: is not aimed at softening the hard water, keeps drinking water beneficial mineral balance.

Crystal ECO does not require any specific maintenance but replacing filtering cartridges in time. With Push & Turn technology a child can change the cartridge. To do that close the water before the filter, open the clean water tap to release pressure. Hold the stop button and rotate the cartridge clockwise. Insert the new one to a stop, rotate the cartridge counterclockwise to a click. With Push & Turn technology

Technical specification
Size (H x W x D): 26 x 9 x 34 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Filtration rate: 2.5 L/minute (0.66 Gal/minute)
Tap pressure: does not matter
pH level: Mild Alkaline (7 - 7.6)
Replacement filters: К3, К7B, K7
Replace: every 12 months or 8,000L
Micron Rating: 0.1 micron


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