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Aquaphor Crystal ECO water filter
Crystal ECO under the sink waterfilter. Microfiltration cartridge of Crystal ECO ensures 99.99% protection from bacteria, cysts of parasites, suspended particles, rust, silt. All under-counter water filters of Crystal family are more compact compared to classic trio under-counter systems while containing same amount of sorption filling as traditional 10 inches (25.4 cm) modules. The housing is designed to withstand massive water pressure, is extremely easy and safe to change still secure from accidental removal. All parts are produced from food-grade materials and are BPA-free. The drinking water you can rely on. Crystal ECO makes water good even for children, allergy sufferers and the elderly.

  • Crystal clear water
  • Protects against bacteria and cysts
  • Can effectively purify your water
  • Enhances your lifestyle
  • Eliminate bottled-water costs (save money)
  • Environmentally-friendly

Aquaphor Crystal Eco waterfilter details:
The Aquaphor crystal eco water filter is a three stage water filtration system which offers high quality water filtration at an affordable price point by utilizing the latest in activated carbon block technology. Each of the three in-line filters in this system utilize a carbon block filtration matrix varying in pore size from 5 micron down to a sub-micron level of just 0.1 micron. Provides 100% chemical-free water filtration thanks to hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. The membrane removes particles down to 0.1 microns in size. Bacteria and viruses are significantly larger and get physically removed with no poisonous additives. It makes Crystal Eco perfectly suitable for allergy patients, children, seniors and those to have sensitive digestive and immune systems. The Aquaphor crystal eco water filter can filter water at a flowrate of 2.5 litres per minute and has a filtering capacity of 8000 litres. The Aquaphor eco water filter will safely remove chlorine and any other unwanted chemicals, bacteria, lead and other harmful heavy metals, phenol, pesticides, benzene, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), insecticides, pesticides, industrial solvents and many other common impurities. 
It truly is one of the finest filtering systems available today!

A few benefits of the Aquaphor Crystal Eco waterfilter:

  • Safe & healthy water: Remove hundreds of harmful contaminants and microorganisms but leave the healthy minerals in providing you with safe, clean, healthy drinking water!
  • Sparkling clean water: Remove particles as small as 0.1 micron. This ensures that suspended particles such as sediment, silt, sand, dirt, rust, and other un-dissolved matter are safely removed.
  • Solid carbon block technology: The Composite Carbon Block Filtration Matrix allows for an increased amount of activated coconut carbon.
  • Highest quality filtration media: Coconut shell carbon is universally recognized and widely used as an effective adsorbent for a wide variety of chemicals and hundreds of other harmful contaminants such as volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC's), insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.
  • Compact & stylish design: Small design will fit just about anywhere, perfect for under your kitchen sink.

Quality purification
Crystal ECO makes tap water taste, smell and look great, while making it safe at the same time. With its tiny pores, Hollow Fiber membrane mechanically captures all harmful bacteria and cysts from your drinking water, so that anyone in your family benefit from healthier drinks and food.

Easy maintainance
Crystal ECO does not require professional maintenance. In fact, it only needs your attention once a year, for replacing the set of cartridges, which is quick and easy because of our «Click-and-Turn» technology.

Replacement cartridges
Crystal Eco is equipped with a 3-piece set of cartridges that will serve you for one year. The whole set is replaced together with no special tools needed. Please, mind the order of cartridges when replacing the set, wrong order significantly decreases effective filter life.

Crystal ECO packaging includes all parts needed for the standard installation:

  • Purifier Housing
  • Set of cartridges
  • JG connection tubes
  • Shut off valve or tee angle
  • Drinking water faucet
  • Service cap


We use high quality materials from world leading producers (e. g. BASF, John Guest, Mitsubishi, Purolite etc.) and control the quality of our filters at every stage of production. Aquaphor undergoes annual certification according to ISO 9001 standard, and our filters comply with a strict international quality regulations.



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Reasons to love having an under-counter water filtration system

  • Better tasting water for drinks and meals
  • Reduces chlorine and its annoying odour, and filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for cleaner, clearer water
  • Protection from hidden threats
  • Removes sediment and harmful substances found in tap water, including chlorine, lead, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and hormones
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Mounts seamlessly under the sink with a dedicated tap for the filtered water. Filter cartridges are easy to replace once a year
  • Unlimited access to fresh drinking water
  • 2.5 litres of freshly filtered water per minute direct from the tap. So with up to 12,000 litres filter set capacity you will have plenty to keep any family hydrated

How it works
CarbFiber cartridge K3 makes preliminary sorbtion treatment. K3 contains granulated activated coconut carbon with Aqualen added to the mix. It filters particles up to 5 micron, removes active chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals. Deeper filtration by K7B with ultra-dense CarbFiber Block the remains of organic contaminants and heavy metals. A hollow fiber membrane installed at the entrance retains particles as small as 0.1 microns providing 99.99% protection from bacteria. K7 for final treatment and conditioning contains silver in its active ionic form. Change filters timely, in case your water has high mechanical contamination, it may get clogged and require earlier replacement. All parts are made of high quality food grade and BPA free plastic.

What it filters
Removes: 99.99% of bacteria, animalcule, zooplankton and blue-green algae. Filters out remains of pharmaceuticals, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, organic compounds, pesticides, phenols. Water minerals: is not aimed at softening the hard water, keeps drinking water beneficial mineral balance.


Video with user guide

Crystal ECO does not require any specific maintenance but replacing filtering cartridges in time
With Push & Turn technology a child can change the cartridge. To do that close the water before the filter, open the clean water tap to release pressure. Hold the stop button and rotate the cartridge clockwise. Insert the new one to a stop, rotate the cartridge counterclockwise to a click. With Push & Turn technology

After the installation let the water flow according to the instructions. Note, that if you have very hard water, this filter might be prematurely clogged. Use Crystal ECO H with additional softening cartridge. If you haven't used the water purifier for more than a week, let water run through it for 5 minutes before use. Use freshly filtered water, storage is not recommended.

Technical specification
Minimal size of filtered particles: 0.1 micron
Filter life: 8000 L (2113 gal) or 1.5 years (for the set)
Filtration speed: 2.5 L/min (0.67 gal/min)
Dimensions: 260*340*90 mm (length*height*width)
Max operating pressure: 95.5 psi (6.5 bar)
Weight: max 3 kg (6.61 lbs)
Operating temperatures: max 100.4 F (38 C), min 41 F (5 C)
pH: 4 - 10


Aqualen is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor. As part of the cartridge, it effectively reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes. Due to its hydrophilic properties, Aqualen fiber facilitates water flow through the cartridge increasing the efficiency of the purification.

Carbfiber block
CFB is a technology used in production of carbon block cartridges using Aqualen fiber. Cartridges produced using this technology are more effective and durable, even in heavily contaminated water. Unlike traditional carbon blocks, CarbFiber blocks effectively reduce heavy metals in your water.

Hollow fibers
Hollow Fibers are thin polypropylene tubes with tiny holes in their walls, through which only particles smaller than 0.1 micron could pass. This technology is widely used in medical blood cleansing due to reliability of mechanical filtration. In Aquaphor filters HF membranes prevent bacteria and cysts in your drinking water.

Click and turn
Despite the technological complexity, Aquaphor water filters are ergonomic and easy to use. To replace the used cartridges you do not need any special skills or tools. Just push the button and turn the cartridge.

Some of the amazing benefits of activated carbon
Activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous and thus has a very large surface area. Just one gram of activated carbon typically has a surface area of approximately 500 m2, as determined by nitrogen gas adsorption. Activated carbon is useful in drinking water treatment because it acts as an adsorbent , and effectively removes particles and organics from water. Organics react with many disinfectants, especially chlorine, and cause the formation of disinfection by products (DBP's). DBP's are often carcinogenic and therefore highly undesirable. Organic substances are composed of two basic elements, carbon and hydrogen. Because organic chemicals are often responsible for taste, odour, and colour problems, activated carbon filtration is generally used to improve these parameters. Activated carbon filtration also removes chlorine and other chemicals that can be harmful if present in high quantities. Included in this category are pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), trihalomethanes (THM's are a by-product of chlorine which is widely used in most public drinking water systems for disinfection), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), industrial solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's) and benzene. Radon gas can also be removed from water by activated carbon filtration, but actual removal rates of Radon for different types of activated carbon filtration equipment have not been established.

For more videos on Aquahor waterfiter technologies click her

You drinking water is safe with Aquaphor ECO under the sink drinking water!  


























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