Aquaphor Amethyst 2,8 liter

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Extremely easy to use
Amethyst is a stylish compact filter pitcher by Aquaphor. Slider lid makes it easy to fill the pitcher’s funnel and protects it from the dust. The filter is also equipped with a mechanical resource counter that will remind you when the time to change the cartridge has come. As any other filter pitcher, Aquaphor Amethyst does not require connection to the water supply and can be used anywhere you need it. All parts are made of high quality food grade and BPA free plastic.


Effective filter pitcher improves taste and odor of your drinking water by dramatically reducing harmful substances found in tap water.
Pitcher has an easy-fill sliding lid and an indicator of remaining filter life for your convenience.
All parts are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.

B100-25 filter
Universal filter cartridge for Aquaphor water pitchers and Brita (Maxtra) pitchers. Removes virtually all harmful impurities from tap water, improves its color, taste and odor. Filter life — 200 liters. Replacement filter cartridge Aquaphor B100-25, is the best of the nine filter cartridges of Germany on the results of comparative tests


Simple and convenient

Fits your lifestyle

Easily affordable for everyone

Can effectively purify your water

Proven technology and materials




Technical specifications

Pitcher volume:2.8 L (12 x 8 oz. cups)
Funnel volume:1.4 L (6 x 8 oz. cups)
Filtration rate:3-10 min per funnel
Lid style:sliding
Replacement filter:B100-25
Filter life:200 L
Replace:every month
Filter life indicator:mechanical (automatic)

Contaminant reduction

Aquaphor filter cartridges dramatically reduce most harmful substances found in tap water. They include:

  • sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
  • chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
  • metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • petrochemicals
  • phenols
  • large bacteria

Pitcher filter Aquaphor, branded Klin-Tec, is the best of the nine pitcher filters of Germany on the results of comparative tests Stiftung Warentest
Stiftung Warentest – Institute of testing consumer products, established by the Ministry of Economy of Germany. The equvivalent to consumer reports.

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