Anti radiation bed mat (250 X 250 cm)

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These bed mats provide protection from EMFs and microwaves and are great when used in tandem with our bed canopies.

Made from BlocWiFi our dual purpose bed mats shield against harmful emmisions from phone masts, DECT and WiFi, whilst removing electric fields from your sleeping environment. These bed mats provide almost 100% (99.997%) effect protection from radiation. With high quality effectiveness at 80dB at 1GHz, and even improving to over 90db of microwave radiation protection against the modern high frequency WiFi in the 5 GHz spectrum. When earthed, these bed mats will reduce electric fields. Using these alongside Faraday bed canopies, our EMF and RFR Protective Bed Mats are able to offer a much higher level of RF Shielding protection from radio frequency radiation, giving you the peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to eliminate radiation and EMF pollution.

Can also block eletric radiation if grounded



Anti radiation floor mat

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