Aquaphor filter Maxfor B25 Mg+ (magnesium) for Amethyst / Onyx

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Amethyst filter Maxfor B25 Mg+ (magnesium)

Benefits B25 Mg
Filter capacity 200 liters
Prevents scale
Removes virtually all harmful impurities from tap water, improves its color, taste and odor.
Dynamic filtering silver prevents bacterial growth
Enriches the water with magnesium and potassium, helps to strengthen the heart and prevent heart disease
Universal replacment-filter catrige can be also used for European (DE, USA, UK compatible Brita (Maxtra) water pitchers.
Lower price but better results



Amethyst is a compact filter model combining the highest water treatment quality with modern design and advanced fuctionality.
Filtered water capacity: 2,8L, funnel 1,3L.
An easy fill sliding lid and an indicator of remaining filter life for your convenience
Protecting your heart – MG+ addition
Patented automatic mechanical ECO filter life counter.
Durable design
Cartrigdes: B25, B25 MG+


During water filtration, you try to protect your body from toxins and help him to resist an aggressive environment. Any good one water filter is capable to clean it form main contaminants, but not everyone helps to fight stress and poor environment, enriching water by beneficial minerals
On emotional and physical high loads, human mineral needs many times increases. Specially last one help us to feel good, but our body can not produce by its own, receives all needed minerals with food water and air.

Magnesium - one of the main minerals for daily use. Insomnia, chronic fatigue can be the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. With its lack of muscle work is deteriorating bone health and blood vessels.

Heart will suffer first…
B25 MG+ cartridge contains natural mineral - pearl dolomite, which fills water by magnesium. It is easily absorbs and helps to prevent heart disease, blood vessels.

Two-thirds of the world's population suffer from magnesium deficiency. Daily ration have to comprise, for example, potatoes, oatmeal, beans.

But even in magnesium-rich foods quiet poorly preserved on food preparation. Therefore, World Health Organization doctors recommend to use an additional magnesium every day.



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