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Quick Overview

Somavedic Amber is our brand new model, 4x stronger than our bestseller the Medic Green Ultra.

  • 4x stronger than Medic Green Ultra with all its benefits and features
  • 5G mitigation protects the human body from its negative effects
  • Creates a more coherent, natural environment
  • Activates self-healing process in the body and mind
  • If you want the ultimate protection from any EMF fields, Medic Amber is the solution

Mitigation for 

  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones

Suggested enviroment

  • Airplane
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Home Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Yoga studio

Vedic has a completely updated core with a new composition of minerals that we have worked on for a long time. Plus, the whole inside of the handmade corpus is silver-plated. Making Vedic 50% stronger than our previous bestseller Medic Green Ultra. Suitable for larger properties, households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, and massage and cosmetic salons.

  • Emits less light in dark environments, supporting circadian cycles
  • New stone composition for stronger space harmonization and less oxidative stress
  • Silver-plated corpus for even more powerful emanation
  • Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), free radicals

Environment: Hospitals, clinics, bio-resonance centers, schools, shopping malls, airplanes as well as regular family and multigenerational houses, apartments in cities and, properties close to cell-phone towers.  The new Somavedic Vedic is the go-to model for its all-in-one properties. If you consider buying the first piece we believe that Vedic will be the right start to living a better life.

I'm tired and do not feel well after switching Somavedic on. What should I do?

The adaptation to the coherent field of Somavedic can be connected with a mild detoxification of deposits, clearing of energy blocks and harmonizing body. The clearing process might temporarily (for the first few hours up to the 1-2 days) cause certain unpleasant feelings on the physical and mental level. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of good quality water (see the attached leaflet - drinking regime) to easily wash the toxins away from the body and ease the process. This is a normal reaction and is by no means dangerous!

How do I know I'm being protected from EMFs?
It is measurable by bioresonance devices (such as Bicom). You can also run a home test for (the EMF and other burdens) with Free Radical test strips, before using the device and then after some time of using it to measure the difference. The effects also translates to your improved sleep, increased concentration, more energy during the day (or in the office), elimination of headaches and/or brain fog!

Isn´t the quality of the structured water destroyed by boiling?
The structured water is unfortunately destroyed by boiling, therefore we recommend boiling the water first and then placing it next to the Somavedic to be harmonized (structured) again!

What is the ideal place for Somavedic?
The ideal place is in the middle of the flat or on the ground floor in case of a single-story house. Sometimes, Somavedic "tells you" - or rather one can intuitively sense - where it should be put. It is not recommended to install the device under the bed or anywhere within a one-meter range around the bed.

Shall I leave Somavedic turned on all the time?
To maximize the effects, the device should be turned on all the time if possible. The current consumption is minimal - it does not exceed 1 kWh per month.

Can the stones be removed from the device, cleansed and recharged e.g. in the Sun?
The stones cannot be removed, and fortunately, cleansing is not necessary. By connecting the device to the mains, the stones are constantly connected with the ground, its original natural environment, and the energetic cleansing and charging is thus automatic.

Is there a blue light in the Somavedic devices?
Some models emit blue light. However, they are too small of a blue light source
to affect sleep. If you don't like the light at night, either place the device in a different room, or cover it with the lid of the paper box it came in, or with a piece of natural fabric.

What happens with the device after five years of using?
Devices produced in 2015 and later come with a five-year guarantee of their functionality and effectivity. If all LED diodes are on, Somavedic works at 100 percent even after these five years. If interested, customers can send us their device anytime to have it checked and tested.

My Somavedic's effects reach our neighbors' flat; are they under its influence against their free will?
First of all, we must think about the meaning of the term "free will". Its definition is as follows: It is the possibility of men to act according to their own decisions, not affected by other (outer) factors in a determinative way. However, quantum physics tells us that we are all part of one quantum field which has been carrying all information since the beginning of times. In this field, we are all surrounded by interacting particles and energies able to share and transmit information for infinitely large distances with zero delays. Space and time as we know them do not exist in quantum physics. Everything is interrelated, everything is interconnected!

Which means that what this theory clearly says is that there are no coincidences and that everything always happens for a specific reason. If we decide to use Somavedic in our flat and its effects reach our neighbors' flat, it is clear that they are supposed to be in the sphere of its influence, too.

Should I take the device with me when I go to a different room or a different floor in my house?
Definitely not. The range of the device is a 100 ft radius in all directions (like a sphere), it penetrates walls, floor and ceiling. The device should be placed at one place in the apartment or house and not moved around from one place to another.

Why is the lifetime of Somavedic as long as it is?
It is the expected lifetime based on the lifetime of all the used materials and the sustainability of the energetic potential for a 100% functioning of Somavedic.



Proven positive effects
Somavedic has been tested throughout the time by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies.

Proven positive effects

Proven positive effects

1. Reducing Effects Of Mobile Phone Radiation
Evaluating the influence of the radiation of a commercially available current mobile phone on cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts,and the formation of superoxide anion radical of functional neutrophils in the course of an oxidative burst. Moreover, how Somavedic Medic Amber might be able to reduce the cellular effects of mobile phone radiation.


Key findings
Cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts and the activity of functional neutrophils as the first defense of the innate immune system against invading microbial pathogens is significantly decreased by mobile phone radiation. The use of the Medic Amber was able to attenuate these unwanted effects. Based onthe results of both tests, the use of the Medic Amber can be recommended to reduce the effects of mobile phone radiation.

The results of one representative experiment demonstrating the effect of Medic Amber on the closure of a cell-free space in a layer of connective tissue fibroblasts by migration and proliferation.

Blue data points = Unexposed control cells
Green data points = Exposed and protected cells by Medic Amber
Yellow data points = Exposed and unprotected cells
The mean values for each experimental situation are given by the dashed lines in the appropriate color. The protective effect of Medic Amber against mobile phone radiation can be clearly seen in direct comparison to the unprotected situation.

Micrograph of cell regeneration/wound healing after 16 hours or migration and proliferation of connective tissue fibroblast

Micrograph of cell regeneration/wound healing after 16 hours or migration and proliferation of connective tissue fibroblast
Micrograph of cell regeneration/wound healing after 16 hours or migration and proliferation of connective tissue fibroblasts.

(A) Unexposed control culture
(B) Mobile phone-treated culture without protection
(C) Mobile phone-treated culture with Amber Medic protection
Note the different cell-free spaces within the dense cell layer.

Dartsch Scientific GmbH
Journal of Biomedical Science and Research

2. Positive Effects On Cardiovascular And Nervous System
Collaboration to develop smart therapeutical equipment in the frame of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) approach. Measuring BP, calmness and stress levels, and sleep.

Key findings
The preclinical research met the expectations based on the observations of the Somavedic effects made by the Somavedic producer as well as the users throughout several years. The casuistic approach evaluates all the cases separately, no statistic evaluation was made.

Icon - positive effect on the cardiovascular system

Somavedic has positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
High BP becomes lower (in 7 cases), low BP increased in 2 cases.

Icon - positive effect on psychological well-being

Somavedic has positive effect on the nervous system.
An exceptionally positive effect on psychological well-being was detected in 4 cases.

Icon - positive physical and psychological well-being
An almost general positive effect of the SMU on both physical and psychological well-being was detected.

Icon - quality of sleep
The length and quality of sleep positively improved.

The Balneology Research Institute
Report on the Preclinical Research (summary on page 12)

3. Improved Heart Rate Variability, Circulation And Internal Balance
Testing of the Somavedic Medic device and its protective effect on our bodies 'when exposed to electromagnetic radiation (from smartphones, Wi-Fi, etc) by measuring heart rate variability (HRV) as a diagnostic system for the testing.

Key findings
The use of the Somavedic MEDIC device leads to demonstrable improvement in heart rate variability of 80% of test persons. It has a positive effect on heart circulation and helps the autonomic nervous system to maintain internal balance. The measured results show that the positive effect of the Somavedic Medic device increases with increasing duration of use.


Heart rate variability before using Somavedic

Heart rate variability before using Somavedic

Heart rate variability after using Somavedic

Heart rate variability after using Somavedic

International Association for Electrosmog Research (IGEF)
Somavedic Medic and its effects on HRV (summary on page 35)

4. Significant Improvement Of Sedimentation
Examination of an effect of Somavedic Medic device in relation to the stress of EMF using analysis of blood cells in darkfield by exposing test subjects to the Somavedic field for 90min.

Key findings
All patients during initial examination showed sedimentation of erythrocytes of different stages and malfunction of regulation. After the therapy of the Somavedic Medic device, each patient showed a significant improvement of sedimentation. All patients subjectively feel rested and fit.

Sedimentation of erythrocytes before using Somavedic

Sedimentation of erythrocytes before using Somavedic

Sedimentation of erythrocytes after using Somavedic

Sedimentation of erythrocytes after using Somavedic

International Association for Electrosmog Research (IGEF)
Effects of the Somavedic Medic on red blood cells

EMF / 5G / Wi-Fi Protection
EMF or electromagnetic frequencies exist everywhere in the environment. In our homes, school and work place. With the exponential implementation of connected devices and 5G it's more important then ever to increase our awareness about this all penetrating technology.
image 1

Structured water
Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that's found in nature and in our cells. It's the most bio-availalbe state of water. Unfortunately, aging is causing the loss of the structured water in our bodies. But there's a way how to improve it.

image 7

Free radicals
Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. A large body of scientific evidence suggests that long-term oxidative stress contributes to a range of chronic conditions.

Free radicals

Preclinical Research of Somavedic Efficacy
Results showing positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system, and improvement of the quality and lenght of the sleep.

Report on the Preclinical Research (68 pages)

Development of the therapeutical equipment in the frame of Evidence Based Medicine approach (3 pages)

International Association for Electrosmog Research

Report on biophysical testing of the Somavedic on protective effect when exposed to EMF

Somavedic Medic and its effects on HRV (38 pages)

Effects of the Somavedic Medic on red blood cells (8 pages)

Somavedic's effects on the water structure and on red blood cells

Water crystals before and after the exposure to the Medic Green Ultra (0,5MB)

Red blood cells before and after its treatment by the Somavedic (0,5MB)

Somavedic's effects on the number of negative ions

Negative ions measurement
Measurement showing 5.010 negative ions /cm3 around a Somavedic (2,6MB)

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