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Elamed Almag-01-PEMF
Almag®-01 is a unique PEMF device that acts on damaged organs by the Travelling Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) and contributes to the disappearance of pain and relief of inflammation symptoms. It has helped its numerous users to restore vitality while reducing the drug intake.

Curative effect of magnetic field is associated with its ability to control the flow of charged particles and to act on magnetised objects regardless of their motion state. This results in a positive effect on natural biological processes as the intracellular and intercellular metabolism intensifies. The unique design of ALMAG’s induction coils (i.e. emitters) ensures tPEMF penetration of up to 8 cm deep into the patient’s tissues, which is the key to treatment of internal organs diseases. The regular rhythmical travelling tPEMF emitted by the device produces a healing effect on the cells of diseased organs and stimulates recovery.

ALMAG Multi-function PEMFT device
Functional concept: the curing effect of pulsed electro- magnetic field.
Indications: musculoskeletal conditions, traumas, neurological disorders, cardiovascular, dermatological, gynecological, gastrointestinal etc. deceases.
Effects: - reliefs pain; - reduces edema; - stimulates lymphatic drainage; - regenerates histotrophic nutrition; - reduces blood pressure; - has anticoagulation effect on blood.
Advantages: - versatile curative effects of pulsed electro- magnetic field; - easy and secure in use; - can be used without age limit; - increases the effect of medicines used by the patient; - provides excellent effect after repeated courses of treatment; - does not cause habituation effect.


Musculoskeletal system diseases:

  • osteochondrosis
  • deforming osteoarthritis
  • humeroscapular periarthrosis
  • arthritis
  • epicondylitis
  • gout
  • bursitis
  • myositis
  • tenosynovitis.

Injuries and their after-effects:
bone fractures;
internal joint injuries;
posttraumatic joint contracture;
soft tissue bruises;
posttraumatic edema;
ligament and muscle injuries;
postoperative woundss;
keloid scar;
sluggish purulent wounds, phlegmons, burns.

Diseases of peripheral nervous system

facial nerve neuritis;
radial nerve neuritis;
ulnar nerve neuritis;
median nerve neuritis;
sciatic nerve (ischias) neuritis;
peroneal nerve neuritis.

trigeminal neuralgia;
occipital neuralgia;
intercostal neuralgia.

Traumas of central nervous system:
vertebral column and spinal cord traumas;

disorders of the spinal blood circulation.
Pancreatic diabetes complications:
diabetic angiopathy;
diabetic polyneuropathy.
Diseases of venous system:deep vein thrombosis of the lower leg;
chronic thrombophlebitis;
varicose veins.

inflammatory diseases in the acute phase;
haemorrhage and predisposition to it;
high-grade hypotension;
purulent processes before surgical treatment;
severe cardiac ischemia;
early post infarction period;
acute phase of cerebral blood circulation disturbance (stroke);

systemic blood diseases;
oncological diseases;
diencephalic syndrome;
presence of an implanted pacemaker in the treated area.
Inclusions of metal elements in bone tissues are not a contraindication for therapeutic usage of the device.


AC power supply:
o~230V (-10%; +6%), frequency 50Hz;
Power consumption: ≤ 35 VA.
Weight: max. 0.62 kg.

Overall dimensions:
Power supply unit - 137x60x44 mm;
Emitter (single piece) - 15x90 mm.
Note: max deviations: ±3%.
The number of emitters - 4.
Amplitude value of magnetic induction on an emitter’s surface (both flat sides) - (20±6) mT.
Pulse duration: 1.5-2.5 ms.

Magnetic field frequency: 6,25 Hz.
The device has LED indicators that light up when it is connected to the power line and PEMF is generated.
The device operates in the following mode within 6 hours: operation period of 22 min for 50Hz versions of the device (or 18 min for 60Hz versions) followed by a 10 min break.
The device automatically shuts down:
after (22±1) min of operation for 50Hz versions of the device;
or after (18±1) min of operation for 60Hz versions of the device.
The surfaces of the device can be safely disinfected with any solution approved for disinfection of plastic objects in medical institutions.
Mean lifetime – 8 (eight) years.

The device is made of hypoallergenic materials and may be used by hyper-sensitive patients.
Maximum temperature after one operation cycle:
Control unit, max: +45°C;
Emitter, max: +41°C.
Class of the device according to MDD 93/42/EEC – Class IIa.



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