Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX PLUS

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Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX PLUS
To shield large areas (for example, entire rooms or buildings) against magnetic fields, we recommend our industrial solution consisting of Aaronia MagnoShield® magnetic shielding panels. Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX is nealed and thus offers maximum shielding efficiency against magnetic fields compared to regular materials. Still, Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX can be folded and bent, which is normally not possible with regular materials, as their shielding efficiency would degrade drastically. For greater amounts of identically sized units, we recommend custom manufacture to your specifications, giving you a perfect magnetic shielding product. However, please be aware of the one-time, yet considerable tool cost. For shielding large areas (like rooms and buildings), we recommend our industrial solution consisting of Aaronia MagnoShield® shielding panels.

Product description
Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX and Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX+ are the highly flexible solution for shielding any kind of electronic appliance, circuitry, sensors and chassis against static (for example, magnets) and lowfrequency magnetic fields (for example, transformers, cables, traction power) .Deep-drawn, nealed magnetic field shieldings made from Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX offer maximum shielding against static and low-frequency magnetic fields of any kind

Størrelse minimum: FLEX+ 0,091m 2 (0,091x1m)
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Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX PLUS

  • Self-adhesive version with very high adhesive strength
  • Glue heat-resistant up to 120 C
  • Nealted for maximum shielding efficiency
  • Shielding factor: 5-7
  • Saturation flux density: approx. 0,8 Tesla
  • Length per standard packaging unit: 1m (0,091m²), 10m
  • (0,91m²), 50m (4,55m²). Also available as cut good.
  • Lane width: 0,091m (91mm)
  • Weight: approx. 1,1kg/m²
  • Material thickness: 0,1mm
  • Foldable, can be bent and folded without problems
  • Very easy handling and cutting using a knife or scissors
  • Easy to install due to high flexibility
  • Magnetically conductive material: Nickel/iron alloy, so-called
  • Mu metal, isotrope
  • Noncorrosive
  • Frost proof
  • Paintable
  • Colour: dark silver

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