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Aaronia beskyttelsestelt vanlig canopy dobbeltseng
Aaronia beskyttelsesteltet gir god beskyttelse for både høyfrekvent trådløs stråling og elektrisk stråling. Anbefales å kombinere med Aaronia jordingsmatte slik at det ikke kommer inn stråling (elektrisk eller trådløs) fra underetasjen. Sover man i en kjeller er dette ikke nødvendig. Høyfrekvent stråling kan komme fra mobil, mobilmaster, AMS (smart strøm målere), radar, trådløse nettverk og mye mer. Størrelse (H*B*L) 3,0x2,2x2,2m. Inkluderer jordingskit

Tekniske spesifikasjoner på engelsk:

Shielding: RF & LF electric fields
Frequency range: 100MHz to 18GHz
Damping (dB): 50dB
(damping course: see datasheet)
Damping (%): 99,999%
(damping course: see datasheet)
Screening material: Silver
Carrier material: Polyamide
Color: silver
Size single bed (H/L/W): 2,2x2,2x1,2m
Size double bed (H/L/W): 2,2x2,2x2,2m
Thickness: 0,1mm
Mesh size: approx. 0,7mm
Weight: approx. 40g/m²

Extremely permeable to air
Available in two sizes
Very transparent
Very light. Perfect for to go
Antiseptic (reduces bacteria, smell etc.)
Small packing size, easy to fold
Very easy handling even for the amateur



Box-Shaped Canopies

Box-Shaped high performance EMC shielding canopies made from Aaronia-Shield. Extremely permeable to air, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, highest RF shielding performance. In contrast to cotton-based canopies and chambers, there's NO muggy air feeling inside! The canopies protect against the low frequency electric field as well as RF fields & electrosmog, particularly in the high GHz range (mobile phones, microwaves, aviation radar, military broadcast etc.). These products probably offer the world's by far best RF shield-performance among the highly transparent canopies and screening chambers.  Also available as pyramid canopy!

Made inGermany:All Aaronia canopies are developed and individually produced in Germany. This guarantees highest standard. Examples for possible radiating sources within frequency range (100MHz - 18GHz) which can be screened:

Radio & TV
PAR Radar
Directional Radio
Miscellaneous satellite applications

Shielding properties
RF Fields:
43dB (99,99%) to 50dB (99,999%)
Low Frequency Electric Fields:
99,99% to 99,999% (only with optional grounding kit)
Static Electric Fields:
99,99% to 99,999 (only with optional grounding kit)

50dB high-performance screening canopies
made from Aaronia-Shield®
High performance RF Shielding-canopies made from a patented high-tech shielding-fibre
"..especially effective against all high-frequency radiation up to far beyond 10GHz"
"..ensures conformance with rigorous architecture-biological exposure limits.."
"..offers a 30 to 1000 fold more efficient screening than similar products on the market"
"..particularly well-suited for people with allergies!"

Extremely breathable
Extremely transparent
Very easy to handle even for the novice
Thickness: 0,5mm
Mesh size: approx. 0,5mm
Colour: Silver
Weight: approx. 40g/m2
Mesh material: silver/polyamid compound
Screening performance static fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only with grounding)
Screening performance low-frequency, electric fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only with grounding)
Screening performance high-frequency fields: 43dB (99,992%) at 10GHz and 50dB (99,999%) at 1GHz

Tests according to MIL-STD-285 approve the superior screening performance of our canopies due to the consequent deployment of
. The RF (high-frequency) radiation damping performance, especially in the frequency range where pulsed signals from
cell towers etc. are present, is an exceptional 43dB (99,992%) to 50dB (99,999%). Compared to canopies made from the other products
shown, canopies made from Aaronia-Shield® offer 30 to 1000 times better protection!
Apart from this, canopies made from Aaronia-Shield® can also be grounded and thus even protect against static and low-frequency
EMF, which is generated by virtually all cables running through homes, all home appliances and also high-voltage power lines.

The various screening canopy systems currently available on the market are very diverse
concerning their protection efficiency and affordability. Most offer hardly any protection at all
in the higher GHz ranges. Mostly they are also extremely expensive and do not offer protection
against low frequency EMF radiation, either. Also, the customer currently mostly needs
TWO seperate screenings: One against RF and another against LF.
Consequently, Aaronia offers a very affordable alternative whose handling is particularly easy
for the novice: The shielding canopy made from the "screening fabric" Aaronia-Shield®

Aaronia-Shield® offers extremely good screening performance especially in the high GHZ
range. Aaronia-Shield® simultaneously protects against both RF and LF E-field radiation and
is still extremely transparent. The reason behind this very good shielding efficiency is a complex
textile concept based on a special kind of patented silver/polyamid fibre. Canopies made
from Aaronia-Shield® can be folded without the risk of taking damage, are anti-septic and
extremely breathable.
It is noteworthy that canopies made from Aaronia-Shield® do not need to be grounded for
high-frequency screening! Though, we generally recommend grounding using the corresponding
grounding mat, as that way, protection against LF electric fields caused by high-voltage
lines, power cables, etc. will also be achieved.
Application / installation:
Aaronia, probably as the first supplier at all, not only offers a highly transparent shielding
canopy with 50dB damping, but also a complete, sophisticated shielding system around the
First, the high-grade canopy made from Aaronia-Shield®
is installed. To screen the floor area
as well, special screening mats made from Aaronia X-Dream® have been developed. These
can simply be put under the bed. That way, a complete, integrated screening system is established,
achieving complete shielding even in the floor area. Shielding the floor area is indispensable
with nearly all types of floors, as RF radiation can permeate them virtually unaffected.
Two seperate grounding cables are included with the screening mat: One for connection
to a radiator (heating appliance), and, in case no radiator is installed, a cable for direct connection
to the wall socket's integrated grounding. Connection to the grounding mat is very
easy by using a so-called "alligator crimp" attached to the grounding cable. That way, you
achieve an optimal screening even against LF radiation / EMF.
Shielding canopies made from Aaronia-Shield® still have further advantages:
In contrast to cotton-based canopies, canopies made from Aaronia-Shield create a very open,
natural atmosphere. Because of the high proportion of silver in the material, very good heat
conductivity is achieved. Thus, the heat generated by the human body can quickly and easily
escape and does not accumulate under the canopy, like with other canopy systems. A very
fresh and light atmosphere is the result, which you will appreciate especially on hot summer
Naturally, our screening canopies also offer regular protection against midges and flies.
Whenever possible, you should use a rectangular canopy if you plan to install it permanently.
Even though this version will always be slightly more expensive, it offers the most space and
easiest handling in daily use. As such, you can simply "put aside" a rectangular canopy and
thus have free access to your bed. "Entry" and "exit" is also very comfortable, and there is no
way for pieces of the canopy to get caught up in your bed.
In contrast, a pyramid canopy is particularly easy to set up and tear down, so it is very well
suited for (holiday) trips, always offering optimal protection against electrosmog.
Shielding canopy made from Aaronia-Shield:
Government, Military, Aeronautic, Astronautic
NATO, Belgium
Department of Defense, USA
Department of Defense, Australia
Airbus, Germany
Boeing, USA
Bundeswehr, Germany
Lockheed Martin, USA
Lufthansa, Germany
Eurocontrol, Belgium
EADS, Germany
BKA, Germany
Federal Police, Germany
Ministry of Defense, Netherlands
IBM, Switzerland
Intel, Germany
Shell Oil Company, USA
Microsoft, USA
Motorola, Brazil
Audi, Germany
BMW, Germany
Daimler, Germany
Volkswagen, Germany
BASF, Germany
Siemens AG, Germany
Rohde & Schwarz, Germany
Infineon, Austria
Philips, Germany
ThyssenKrupp, Germany
EnBW, Germany
Duracell, USA
German Telekom, Germany
Bank of Canada, Canada
Sony, Germany
Anritsu, Germany
Hewlett Packard, Germany
Robert Bosch, Germany
Mercedes Benz, Austria
Osram, Germany
DEKRA, Germany
AMD, Germany
Keysight, China
Infineon Technologies, Germany
Philips Semiconductors, Germany
Hyundai Europe, Germany
JDSU, Korea
Wilkinson Sword, Germany
IBM Deutschland, Germany
Nokia-Siemens Networks, Germany

Research/Development, Science and Universities
MIT - Physics Department, USA
California State University, USA
Indonesien Institute of Sience, Indonesia
Los Alamos National Labratory, USA
University of Bahrain, Bahrain
University of Florida, USA
University of Victoria, Canada
University of Newcastle, United Kingdom
University of Durham, United Kingdom
University Strasbourg, France
University of Sydney, Australia
University of Athen, Greece
University of Munich, Germany
Technical University of Hamburg, Germany
Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Germany
Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany
Research Centre Karlsruhe, Germany

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