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Aaronia-Shield® Canopy single bed (50dB - 1,2x2,2x2,2m)
High performance EMC shielding canopies made from Aaronia-Shield. Extremely permeable to air, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, highest RF shielding performance. In contrast to cotton-based canopies and chambers, there's NO muggy air feeling inside.


  • Extremely permeable to air
  • Available as pyramid or box canopies
  • Highly transparent
  • Very light
  • Antiseptic (reduces bacteria, smells etc.)
  • Small packing-size, easy to fold
  • Easy to handle for beginners
  • Odourless
  • Washable
  • Foldable
  • Thickness: 0,5mm
  • Mesh size: approx. 0,5mm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight: approx. 40g/m2
  • Mesh material: silver/polyamid compound
  • Screening performance static fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only with grounding)
  • Screening performance low-frequency, electric fields: 99,99% to 99,999% (only with grounding)
  • Screening performance high-frequency fields: 43dB (99,992%) at 10GHz and 50dB (99,999%) at 1GHz
    (even without grounding) 

 The canopies protect against the low frequency electric field as well as RF fields & electrosmog, particularly in the high GHz range (mobile phones, microwaves, aviation radar, military broadcast etc.). These products probably offer the world's by far best RF shield-performance among the highly transparent canopies and screening chambers.

50dB high-performance screening canopies made from Aaronia-Shield®:

  • especially effective against all high-frequency radiation up to far beyond 10GHz
  • ensures conformance with rigorous architecture-biological exposure limits
  • offers a 30 to 1000 fold more efficient screening than similar products on the market
  • particularly well-suited for people with allergies

They are very easy to install. For the most effective protection (a so called "Faraday Chamber"), we recommend using the canopies together with one of our complementary grounding mats and grounding kits

Made in Germany
All Aaronia canopies are developed and individually produced in Germany. This guarantees highest standard.


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